17 August 2016

Crusade Review: The Rules of the Game & Series Wrap-up

Crusade comes to an end (in its chronological viewing) with the crew arriving at Babylon 5 to negotiate with an alien race for access to their world - of course, things don't go to plan...

The Rules of the Game
Gideon is attempting to gain access to Lorka VII to investigate what happened to the original inhabitants of that planet. Negotiating with Lochley and a Brakiri ambassador at Babylon 5 appears to be a futile attempt - but it does allow the two Earthforce officers to further their relationship.

Meanwhile, Max meets his ex-wife who has run in to a bit of trouble, and with the help of Dr Chambers, Max is able to get her out of the mess.

Just for the familiar setting of the space station this episode just feels right, and while the self righteous Lorkan's are a race we have never seen before, we still get to see Brakiri and Drazi and just feel like we've come back home again.

The relationship between Gideon and Lochley was obviously heading to this point and it would have been interesting to see where it would have gone with a longer series run. It was also good to see more about Max and his past - along with Sarah who can clearly take care of herself just fine.

Rating: 7/10

It's just a shame that this is the last episode for the series and it feels even worse if you read about the potential storylines that would have rounded out the season - let alone some of the story arcs that would have been explored once the show really got going.

Crusade was by no means a bad series - I feel it just didn't have time to fully develop in to what JMS wanted it to be - and there's plenty of literature out there to suggest that there was a lot going on behind the scenes that pretty much sabotaged the show before it was given a chance anyway.

My own ratings average for the series puts Crusade between B5's first and second seasons for overall satisfaction, this with only 13 episodes compared to their 22.

There were some continuity glitches depending on which order you watched the episodes in (unavoidable in the broadcast or the chronological version!) but the quality of the stories definitely wasn't lacking. The cast all worked well together and it would have been good to see their threads develop over time, just like the B5 series did with all of its regulars.

As stated above, the biggest shame is the unrealised potential - all the unanswered questions without a Well of Forever for us to go to for that divine wisdom. I have read that stories would have looked more at the Apocalypse Box, the mysterious ship that destroyed the Cerberus and so on... the Drakh plague would have been cured and made way for something 'more' story wise - in typical JMS fashion no doubt. But we can only imagine now...

With the TV shows out of the way, there's only a few more Babylon related reviews left... and then I can restart the whole series and start again! haha :)

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