12 August 2016

Crusade Review: Patterns of the Soul & The Well of Forever

The search for a cure to the Drakh plague continues with the Excalibur crew find colonists have transferred it to another planet. Galen also presents the crew with a quest to a mysterious location that could hold all the answers they are looking for...

Patterns of the Soul
Gideon is ordered to head to a planet where a group of humans have landed and it's feared they are carrying the Drakh plague off-world.

What Gideon uncovers is a plot by an Earthforce General to have his dirty work covered up - but there is also a threat to a group of aliens living on the planet - the last remnants of Dureena's people.

There's more of Sarah Chambers' character development in this episode, and that's welcomed. The performances of the enhanced humans could have maybe been improved a bit and the twist for Gideon's solution was an interesting one. While we do get yet another reason to find a cure to the plague, and we see Dr Chambers' earlier developed antigen used in the field, the episode still feels a little slow.

Rating: 6/10.

The Well of Forever
With 'nothing on', Galen suggests the crew go on an adventure to find a mythical place in the depths of hyperspace.

Merging the navigational sensors of his ship with the Excalibur, Galen allows the crew to go on the quest - but it becomes apparent that Galen is up to something when he doesn't relinquish control after Gideon calls for the search to end.

When they do find the Well of Forever, Galen is able to fulfil a promise, and vows never to betray Gideon's trust again.

Meanwhile, Matheson is under scrutiny from 'Mr Jones', a telepath representative that conducts regular checks on other telepaths now that they are integrating with society.

This is an episode I've seen many times but it does have some good moment. Particularly when the crew come across the hyperspace aliens, the 'Fen'. The real shame comes at the end when all records of the location disappear and hardly any of our crew get the answers they may have been looking for - typical JMS writing!

Rating: 6.5/10.

The next review will finish up the series with the final of the 13 episodes that were produced and a summary of the series...

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