16 May 2016

Crusade Review: Racing the Night & Visitors from Down the Street

The Excalibur continues its search for a cure to the Drakh plague on Earth, coming across a promising find and some interesting aliens...

Racing the Night
Gideon and crew have come across a planet of interest where the inhabitants have disappeared but the cities remain intact.

After a crew member is killed, Galen uses a probe to locate the source and alarmingly discovers that the inhabitants of the planet have been vivisecting visitors for centuries.

Indeed, this world was hit with a similar plague to the one on Earth and the inhabitants failed to find a cure. Instead deciding to lure and capture alien visitors to their world in the hopes they can help, or have an immunity.

This is a great episode from a visual effects standpoint alone. It was meant to be the original pilot for the series which shows with the action sequences and some of the dialogue used to introduce characters that wouldn't be needed for any other episode. This dialogue, and some of the other scenes conflict with what we were shown in the new pilot, War Zone - how Gideon got the Excalibur, how Max came to be part of the crew are two examples.

I prefer that this episode wasn't the pilot as the crew finding another planet hit by the Drakh plague so soon would seem a little too easy/convenient. 

Seeing the flashback to the Shadows from a thousand years ago was interesting and cool, and Gideon taking action against the aliens shows what kind of person he is - for the moment.

I like this episode, despite the flaws that come up by the existence of War Zone and the reordered episodes. My rating, 7/10.

Visitors from Down the Street
The Excalibur picks up two unknown and frightened aliens who believe that humans have been interfering with their people and their planet for centuries.

This episode has a bit of fun and a definite nod to another popular sci-fi series, 'The X-Files'. There's a role reversal here though with the aliens uncovering a conspiracy on their own world that involves humans and Earth visiting and creating UFO sightings on their world.

Gideon and crew are thrown into this when they pick up the two Mulder and Scully aliens and find out the whole story when Durkani arrives to take them back home. 

We get to see some new ships, aliens and more effects in this video, including a showdown in the 'tube' aboard the Excalibur. We learn a bit about plumbing on starships and once again witness Gideon's unusual approach to things at the end.

A bit of fun for sci-fi buffs. My rating, 6.5/10.

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