01 January 2016

BSG Review: Murder on the Rising Star & Greetings from Earth

Starbuck is implicated in a murder and the fleet come in to contact with humans from outside of their solar system...

Murder on the Rising Star
After a heated triad match, Starbuck's main opponent is found murdered and Starbuck is implicated as he was seen running from the scene. 

Apollo and Boomer come to his defense as Protectors and fight against time to find evidence about who the murderer really is.

This was a decent episode which showed the viewers more about life within the fleet and that things aren't always going well and that the characters are just as corrupt as we are. The flashbacks to Caprica help and add to the mystery until the murderer is revealed - and once again Baltar is shown to be resilient and defying death, even in custody!

Some of the storylines in this episode are touched on in the re-imagined series as well. 

My rating: 6.5/10

Greetings from Earth
A sleeper ship is found drifting through space and appears to be carrying humans. Once brought aboard Galactica debate ensues as to what should be done regarding the occupants. When one, identified as Michael comes to, he reveals enough to the crew about their intended destination and a potentially dangerous region of space the fleet is heading towards...

This episode comes to the DVD collection in the form of one movie length two-parter. The first half deals with the sleeper ship and the  ethics of waking the occupants with Dr Salik worried about the health of the crew while the Council want them awake as soon as possible. This conflict results in having the ship removed from the Galactica and returned to its original course which is accompanied by Starbuck and Apollo to the planet Paradeen.

On Paradeen, Starbuck and Apollo join the ship occupants and a couple of androids in the search for answers about Terra, Earth and a new potential threat in the Eastern Alliance, who Michael and his crew were fleeing from.

It's a lengthy episode due to the two parts being joined together. I have no doubt that it is also quite important as we are basically being introduced to a new rejoin of space which appears to be run by a dominant and powerful faction known as the Eastern Alliance. It would seem though that the Colonial Warriors have the upper hand - for the moment. The title is interesting as we are not entirely sure by the end whether Michael and the other occupants are in fact from Earth - we know they were running from a colony called Luna 7 and perhaps the theory is that these colonies are breakaways from Earth itself? Hopefully the next few episodes will reveal that for us...

Rating: 6.5/10

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