23 November 2015

BSG Review: War of the Gods, Part II & The Man with Nine Lives

The rag-tag fleet continue their journey to find Earth, with Baltar now in their custody...

War of the Gods, Part II
Count Iblis' popularity continues to rise across the fleet with Baltar brought in. Baltar recognises Iblis' voice as that of the Cylon Imperious Leader, but Iblis does not give Baltar a full answer in return. 

Adama remains weary of Iblis who he suspects has developed skills in telekenesis which allows him to 'play through Boomer' in a game of triad against Apollo and Starbuck. Boomer's team win by a large margin.

At Iblis' request, the pilots party and enjoy life at a party aboard the Rising Star. When the mysterious lights appear around the fleet, none of the pilots respond to the alert call which causes Apollo to confront Iblis. 

With fighters finally launched, Boomer attacks one of the lights without luck and soon disappears like the other pilots before.

Apollo and Starbuck return to the planet where they found Iblis and discover one of the occupants in the wreckage. Sheba follows to see for herself, but Iblis interferes. In the altercation, Apollo is killed after revealing Iblis' true form. 

On their return to Galactica, the lights reappear and the three find themselves in a strange place with five robed individuals who have restored Apollo's life. The light beings are battling the forces of darkness across the galaxy and reveal that Iblis was once like them but uses his powers to turn people away from the truth - yet they cannot interfere. They revived Apollo as he wasn't supposed to die.

They, and the other missing warriors are returned to Galactica with their memories of the encounter erased. However, during their debrief with Adama, the three do manage to recall the coordinates for Earth...

As the concluding story about Count Iblis, this one answers, albeit vaguely what he really is but we don't get much of an idea of his greater plan. Why did he bring Baltar to the Galactica? Was it to earn the trust of the fleet - and then what? 

There is potential for a larger storyline here, particularly as Iblis survives at the end and vows to return. No doubt he would be a recurring character in a longer version of the series - would the 'angels' always be around to assist? Their role in this episode is certainly important as the fleet now knows where to find Earth!

Rating: 7/10

The Man with Nine Lives
A con man finds his way in to Starbuck's life and pretends to be his lost father while escaping the eyes of three Borellian Nomen.

The episode spends much of its time looking at the relationship between Starbuck and Chameleon who is conning his way through the fleet and making enemies as he goes. The plot twist comes at the end when, through all of the testing about whether Chameleon really is Starbuck's father, we get an answer. 

Definitely a Starbuck episode, it would have been perhaps more realistic if Chameleon didn't end up being his real father - but his decision not to reveal that to Starbuck is an interesting choice - and that Cassiopeia knows as well.
Note too the Borellian's who appear to be a precursor to the honour bound Klingon's of Star Trek.

Rating: 5.5/10