22 July 2015

BSG Review: The Living Legend (Parts I & II)

The Galactica comes across the Battlestar Pegasus under the legendary Commander Cain. Amidst celebrations in reuniting with other comrades, the fleet is then torn between their loyalty to Adama who has looked after them so far, and Cain who has ambitious plans to fight the Cylons.

Apollo and Starbuck encounter a patrol lead by Sheba and Bojay who appear to be from the Battlestar Pegasus. Taken back to the presumed lost ship, the two are introduced to Commander Cain. The Pegasus soon arrives with the rest of the fleet.

With two Battlestar's on hand, Cain is convinced they can retake Gamoray, an important colony from the Cylons. There, they would have enough fuel to resupply the fleet. Adama disapproves as the Galactica cannot leave the civilian ships open to attack.

Instead, a plan is put together to send Viper squadrons from each Battlestar to intercept Cylon tankers which would supply fuel for the fleet. During the attack, the tankers are destroyed, Cain reports it was by incidental fire but the truth is more sinister.

With no fuel nearby, Cain pushes his plan to attack Gamoray once again - meanwhile, Baltar has discovered the location of the Colonial fleet and sets up an attack to finally finish off Galactica with dreams of commanding Gamoray once he's done...

This was one of the better episodes of the series and one I remembered fairly well as we got to see another Battlestar in action - even though a lot of the effects shots are getting a little too repetitive, regardless of what Battlestar or squadron they fly for. The episode makes good use of the different outlooks of both commanders and the problem faced with crew loyalty coming in to play - worsened as family is also involved on both sides through the ranks. Cain is from that militaristic 'go for it' upbringing while Adama is almost too passive in his protection of the fleet he's come to look after. Cain's methods in the Tanker attack however are extremely questionnable for such a revered officer.

Baltar's plan ultimately comes undone but you have to wonder at the might of the Cylon Empire if they can't detect a second Battlestar until it's right on top of them!

Rating for Part I: 7/10

Ultimately, the Pegasus saves the fleet from the Cylon attack and Baltar is forced to retreat. The Colonial fleet now has to get to Gamoray to resupply with fuel, which just so happens to occur when the Cylon Imperious Leader is visiting the colony.

The attack takes the Cylons by surprise and embarrasses Baltar once again. With such a fortified force in the area, Cain takes the Pegasus to draw the Cylon Basestars away from the Galactica. Baltar retreats further leaving the Pegasus to take out the two remaining Basestars and disappearing from scanner contact. Sheba and Bojay are left to call Galactica home along with much of the Pegasus crew.

This thrilling and action-packed conclusion sees some interesting stunts and the use of parachutes by our warriors, more stuff blowing up and more of Baltar's uselessness on display for all to see. The question of whether Cain and the Pegasus survived the attack also comes up and possibly would have been answered in some part had the series continued (according to the Battlestar Wiki - see Analysis).

Rating for Part II: 7/10