03 November 2014

B5 Review: The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father & Meditations on the Abyss

The Corps Is Mother, The Corps is Father
Bester and two Psi-Corps interns head to Babylon 5 to hunt down a powerful telepath that poses a significant danger.

This episode is told completely from the point of view of huge Psi Corps and sees Bester assigned to a case to track down a telepath that has killed another during routine training.

The path leads them to Babylon 5 where they soon learn Johnathon Harris, their suspect has multiple personalities of differing psi capabilities. This paired with his training in mind shredding poses a serious threat. Harris finds himself teamed up with an opportunistic thug who kills one of Bester's interns when he realises they are after his 'partner'.

Eventually, Harris is brought in by Bester and B5 security. Both he and his associate are handed to Bester.

Another one of those episodes told from another point of view and somewhat interesting if a little stale at the same time. We do get to see that not everyone dislikes Bester like the B5 crew mostly do for example.

The original version of this episode included a modified opening title which replaced the Babylon 5 shield emblem with a Trust the Corps/Psi-Corps shield instead, however the DVD version didn't include it.

Rating: 6.5/10

Meditations on the Abyss
Lennier is assigned to a Whitestar for Ranger training but also to investigate who is behind the alliance shipping lane attacks. Meanwhile, races like the Drazi are becoming impatient with the Alliance in finding out who is responsible for the shipping lane attacks and attempt to bug Londo's quarters believing the Centauri are involved.

Lennier is posted to Whitestar 27 (aka Maria) to learn, but also finds himself in a position to teach others, including Findell who appears to have joined the Rangers for the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, Londo informs Vir that he will be Ambassador to Babylon 5 once Londo becomes Emperor. G'Kar receives his correctly coloured prosthetic eye and Franklin sits in on one of G'Kar's lectures to his people.

There are some funny moments in this episode, including the mention of McBari's and Vir's reaction to the Drazi merchant. There are also some great shots including the Maria's jump from hyperspace and the tactical exercise of the Minbari fighters in an asteroid field. 

Garibaldi's drinking problem continues to worsen.

Rating: 7/10

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