17 October 2014

Trek Review: Official Starships Collection - USS Reliant

In this issue, Eaglemoss bring us the famous Starfleet ship that was commandeered by Khan in 2285.

The Magazine
Being the 'villain's ship' for a single movie, Eaglemoss have done a fair job of filling this issue with information about the design of the Miranda class USS Reliant. Much like the Excelsior issue it concentrates on the named ship rather than the different ships of the same class we have seen throughout Trek history. Where it does mention some of the other ships in the class, there is a mistake in noting the Bozeman as Sisko's ship instead of Saratoga.

Unlike the Romulan Warbird and Borg Sphere issues the magazine has managed to stay away from information on Khan and his augments and the Genesis Device, creating a more complete feeling issue dedicated to the subject.

My main nitpick would be that certain bits of information, like those referring to the "rollbar" appear to become repetitive throughout the bodies of text and image descriptions. There's some good information provided in the Designing the Ship section as well as details of how it was filmed for its movie appearance.

Magazine Rating: 8/10

The Ship
The Reliant model is a decent scale, comparable to the Enterprise NCC-1701. The big difference is that Eaglemoss have gone that little bit further with wonderful hull detailing and the Aztec patterning on show.

Hull markings are wonderfully reproduced and the details around the rollbar are well done. In fact, the aztec details provide us hopefully with a preview of what the Enterprise 1701-A may look like when that is released.

Like others, there are some nice touches with the transparent nacelles. Due to the ship design it feels quite compact and solid as a model.

Model Rating: 9/10

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