20 October 2014

B5 Review: Phoenix Rising & The Ragged Edge

Phoenix Rising
The telepath crisis reaches a tipping point and Garibaldi takes the opportunity to settle a score with Bester.

Unfortunately, Bester isn't quite done teasing Garibaldi as he reveals he has planted an Asimov inside his brain meaning Michael can't do or allow any harm to come to Bester.

The telepaths that have taken to violence continue their campaign which leads them to Medlab and taking Franklin, Garibaldi and others hostage - as foreshadowed at the end of Season Four.

Byron finds a way out and diffuses the situation, offering to surrender to Sheridan with those who had taken hostile action. Agreeing to this and informing Bester he can't interfere, it all ends badly when Bester shows up and shots are fired. In a blaze of glory, Byron and the others take their own lives than be taken back to the Corps.

This episode wraps up the telepath crisis and the first half of the season. We also get a glimpse that things may start going badly for Garibaldi as he takes to drinking following his inability to deal with Bester. How will Lyta be now that she has lost Byron and all that she went through with the other telepaths?

Rating: 6.5/10

The Ragged Edge
Another shipping lane attack results in a potential witness that Garibaldi attempts to meet on the Drazi homeworld. On his return to Babylon 5, G'Kar finds himself being looked at as a religious figure.

Things go badly for Garibaldi when his contact is attacked and the witness is killed. Not helping the situation is Michael's return to drinking which has affected his usually cunning abilities. 

On the station, G'Kar and Londo have returned and instantly notice the Narn population acting differently around G'Kar, finding out that the book he had been writing had been taken from his quarters and reproduced for mass distribution on Narn. They believe it will outsell the Book of G'Quan, turning G'Kar into a religious icon!

Meanwhile, Stephen receives a message from Earthdome offering him a new opportunity that will take him away from the station.

We are slowly piecing together pieces of the puzzle with this episode, or at least watching the crew piece together who is involved in the shipping lane attacks. There is a hint that Garibaldi's problems are only going to worsen from here and we have to wonder at what cost?

Rating: 7/10

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