17 August 2014

Trek Review: Official Starships Collection - USS Defiant

Among what seems to be a bit of a Federation onslaught, Eaglemoss bring us Star Trek's 'tough little ship', the Defiant.

The Magazine
This issue provides a decent overview of the Defiant during its time on Deep Space Nine. From the troubled development after the first Borg incursion to seeing action against the Dominion.

The overview and orthogonals are well enough detailed for the ship which we got used to in four seasons of the show. Again, the section about Designing the Ship is most interesting as the designers were charged with creating a ship that looked like no Starfleet ship that had come before. Some of the designs are quite out there.

Eaglemoss have done another great job with this issue and aside from one typo which references 2271 instead of 2371, I'd say this is a flawless issue with the right amount of content and details.

Rating: 9/10

The Ship
I'll start this section by addressing a major flaw that was pointed out by reviewers in the UK and US, the port side Starfleet pennant was printed in reverse on the model released over there. Surprisingly, the one I received had the left markings removed completely and this was soon followed online by the revelation that the Japanese release had the pennant corrected (courtesy of The Trek Collective). Mine seems to be a unique version for the moment as other Australian releases appear to be the incorrect version.

The model of the Defiant is a nice piece. I've never had a miniature version of this ship but Eaglemoss have continued their string of high quality releases with detailed panelling and markings (aside from the above mentioned error on the port engine).

The ship is quite light and it's hard to determine the plastic from the diecast. Like some of the other ships released, the transparent plastic doesn't have the light up effect due to the model's construction. 

The forward module almost feels like it could separate from the main ship (a point that is referred to in the magazine), and the stand attaches at the rear like a lot of the ships released lately seem to. For the short time I had the ship on display this didn't seem to be a problem like the Bird of Prey or some of the others though.

Overall, this is another great example from Eaglemoss, despite a weird printing issue and how that's being dealt with. I might have to source a Japanese corrected version at some point.

Model Rating: 8.5/10

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