04 August 2014

Trek Review: Official Starships Collection - USS Voyager

Australia finally got its shipment of Intrepid class USS Voyager's for subscribers, being the first ship offered from the Voyager series and the resilient ship that was lost 70,000 light years from home.

The Magazine
We get another well presented issue with Voyager with some nice introductory information about the ship and it's state of the art features. There wasn't much looking into individual quarters or the hardships faced during the journey home but, much like the Enterprise -D which had seven years of episodes to pull information from, Voyager I suspect had similar considerations to be made.

Two pages are dedicated to the unseen Aeroshuttle that was housed in the bottom of the saucer section. I'm not sure why this craft never saw screen time, and instead they built the Delta Flyer (more than once).

I found the design section most interesting with some new images of how the ship almost looked, including a vertical fin on the back and an AWACS style pod on top. More interesting details come through in the section regarding the different filming models for Voyager, including the physical model and the CGI versions.

The magazine is informative and sheds light on plenty of new and unseen details. It could probably benefit from more information that appears to have been skimmed but there are few complaints. Interestingly though there are no pictures of the ship with her nacelles in the angled warp configuration.

Magazine Rating: 8/10

The Ship
Eaglemoss have reproduced the Intrepid class ship with their usual level of detail and quality. I'll admit it now that I'm not a huge fan of the Voyager design from certain angles, but the miniature is well produced.

Some of the joins along the main hull are a little obvious but all the panel detailing is shown as well as the starship markings and emblems. Though seeing the Starfleet arrowheads outlined in red is a little different/inaccurate. 

Voyager is one of those designs that doesn't feature Aztec hull details, but all of the other hull shades are shown along with the escape pod hatches and phaser strips.

As we've come to expect from particularly the Federation starships, the warp engines feature translucent plastic for the warp grilles, but as the engines aren't hollow, they don't 'light up' when held up to the light like the Enterprise's we've seen released.

The stand attaches to the rear much like the Klingon Bird of Prey, K't'inga and Romulan Warbird. As I've made known in those reviews, I'm not a fan of this method but the Voyager shape doesn't make any other type of stand really suitable. For the short time I've had the ship on display the stand doesn't appear to be a problem - certainly not Bird of Prey levels of bad anyway.

I think fans can be happy with this one. It is a great representation and a decent size.

Model Rating: 8/10 

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