30 August 2014

B5 Review: Day of the Dead & Learning Curve

A one in two hundred year Brakiri festival comes to the station and a Ranger finds himself in trouble against a new crook in Down below...

Day of the Dead
The Brakiri are celebrating their Day of the Dead which occurs once every 200 years on the arrival of a comet in their home system. They purchase a section of Babylon 5 so that those on the station can also take part. Meanwhile, Lennier and comedy duo Rebo & Zooty arrive on the station.

This episode on the DVD set was actually supposed to come after 'Secrets of the Soul' but the chronological order suggested it should play now, so I've chosen that order. 

While G'kar would prefer to sleep at CnC while Londo, Lochley, Lennier and Garibaldi all experience visits from the recent dead.

Londo is reunited with his love, Adira while Lochley is revisited by an old friend of hers who commit suicide. Garibaldi meets 'Dodger' once again and Lennier is visited by Mr Morden. While each is able to gain some insight or catch up with their visitor, Lennier is warned that he will one day betray the Rangers - to which he determines that Morden is simply lying.

Meanwhile, Sheridan and Delenn entertain Rebo & Zooty, although Sheridan ends up spending a lot of time attempting to figure out what has happened to the section of the station the Brakiri have purchased during the night.

This episode is good for bringing back some old and liked characters as well as revealing more about Lochley's past. Due to the airing order of this one, Lochley also lets slip something about her former relationship with Sheridan in this episode, something we don't find out until a later episode (depending on which order you watch them in!)

Rating: 6.5/10

Learning Curve
Two Ranger instructors come to Babylon 5 to meet with Delenn, bringing a couple of students with them. When one gets caught up in a struggle in DownBelow, he must go through Mora'Dum, the application of terror.

In the mean time, Garibaldi tries to find out more about Captain Lochley, confronting her directly over which side she fought on during the civil war but there are also hints in this episode that there's more to her relationship with Sheridan - something that is revealed to Delenn.

We see more of the Ranger's in this episode, including their training on Minbar which has seen Pak'ma'ra inducted but difficult to find a purpose for. We also learn that Lennier has been pushing himself harder in training than he need to - as if in an attempt to prove something.

Rating: 6.5/10

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