15 July 2014

Trek Review: Official Starships Collection - USS Excelsior

With this issue of reviews we come to one of my favourite starship designs and one of the most recognisable throughout the Star Trek timeline, the Excelsior.

The Magazine
Eaglemoss have done another nice job with this magazine. The first Federation starship they've featured that's not a hero ship (and for Australian subscribers, it's the first ship from them that's not named Enterprise). There are great pictures of the Excelsior from her big screen appearances in the Star Trek movies as well as the Voyager episode Flashback.

The CGI model used for the profiles of the ship are notably blank without name or registry depicted, and while there are many different Excelsior class ships throughout all of Star Trek, the magazine almost entirely focuses on the Excelsior under Captain's Styles and Sulu from Star Trek's III, IV, V and VI. Details of the filmed version mainly focus on the filming model which was last used in a Deep Space Nine episode as the Lakota.

There is a typo on the magazine cover where the ship is referred to as Celsior instead of Excelsior, and on some of the CGI views of the ship there's a torpedo launcher missing from the primary hull, but aside from these, the issue remains accurate and informative.

For those wanting information on the many other Excelsior class ships though this isn't really about them.

Magazine rating: 7/10

The Ship
As said above, this is one of my favourite starship designs, ever since first seeing it in the movies. It has a purposeful look that's not graceful like the Constitution class but has something cool about it.

Eaglemoss have reproduced the model nicely enough including Aztec panelling on the saucer and all the pin striping and other details on display. I will say some of the panel lines are etched a little deep though and that the sizing of the Eaglemoss ships means that due to the Excelsior's length, this looks like such a small ship, particularly next to its movie counterparts in the refit-Enterprise.

The warp engines feature the translucent plastic for that lit up effect once again though the pegs used to attach them to the rest of the nacelle are also on show. Also, the ships name is printed incorrectly on top of the saucer as it doesn't follow the curvature of the saucer edge like the registry does.

The stand attaches firmly in the same way the Constitution class Enterprise Refit does. But, as said before, the ship still looks small on its stand and base due to the skinny design. 

It's a nice ship but there are just a few details that could have helped it become something great, also, the sizing is a little disappointing compared to the other models we've had so far.

Ship rating: 6/10

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