02 July 2014

Trek Review: Official Starships Collection - Klingon K't'inga Battlecruiser

The keen eyed will notice this isn't a review of Issue 6 as expected. For some reason, Bissett Magazines, the Australian distributor for the Official Starships collection has not received any Voyager's. So, here we have the famous Klingon K't'inga class battlecruiser. The first ship we would see when Star Trek hit the big screen and the flagship of Chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek VI

The Magazine
Eaglemoss has done a nice job with this issue including some beautiful graphics of the ship and master displays with Klingon script all over accompanying screenshots from the ship's appearances - mostly from Star Trek The Motion Picture and Star Trek VI. 

The issue includes details on the Klingon military and their way of life as well as the general layout of the K't'inga class. Some of the information comes from a generalisation of facts from The Next Generation episode Unification aboard a Bird of Prey but it is reasonable to assume that conditions on all Klingon ships are very similar - harsh! 

As in other issues relating to the ships designed before the use of computers, a lot of interesting points come from the sections that deal with designing the ship and filming it. The K't'inga was derived from the Original Series D7 after serious modifications for The Motion Picture were made.

I think the magazine presents some great information about the K't'inga (and in some respects, the D7) with new images of a ship that spanned all the series (except Enterprise) in its basic form.

Magazine Rating: 9/10

The Ship
The model continues the standard set with some beautiful details on this grey, imposing ship of the Klingon Empire. It is deceptively lightweight with only the 'main hull' incorporating diecast metal and the rest being in plastic. The connecting neck feels a little fragile due to how thin it is and the fact it is a plastic component. 

The hull details look great and while this isn't modelled after Gorkon's Kronos One which featured dark red panelling, when held in different lighting, this model still shows up extremely well. The underside appears to be its own interpretation however as it is simply grey, with a yellow circular bit towards the rear centre. On the filming model (featured in the magazine), this is where a coloured Klingon Empire logo appears, and on the Kronos One version, this area isn't highlighted or noteworthy at all.

Actually, it's a bit of a shame the model is simply different shades of grey, as in at least one of the preview images, there were definitely some areas of burgundy shown which could have made for an even prettier model.

Like the other alien ships designs we've seen so far, there's very few translucent areas - the only notable part on the K't'inga comes from the impulse engines at the rear.

The display stand connects at the rear of the ship, much like the Klingon Bird of Prey and Romulan Warbird, but probably has the best hold of the alien ships so far. The Bird of Prey is ridiculously perched and the Warbird too are prone to falling off their stands when handled lightly. The K't'inga appears to better supported so points there for that improvement!

Model Rating: 9/10

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