22 June 2014

B5 Review: Between the Darkness and the Light & Endgame

Sheridan's liberation fleet approaches Earth...

Between the Darkness and the Light
Garibaldi attempts to prove his innocence to the Mars Resistance while Marcus and Ivanova learn the liberation fleet is headed into an ambush.

Luckily for Garibaldi, he is brought before Number One, Franklin and Lyta to have his say. With Lyta's help, they are able to convince the Resistance of his innocence in Sheridan's capture. Further, he offers to assist in freeing Sheridan from his holding cell.

Following another conflict with Clark loyal forces, Marcus and Ivanova learn that some of the Earth ships that have defected are in fact feeding information back to Earth, playing both sides. They learn that a fleet of advanced destroyers, loyal to Clark are being dispatched to ambush them at an important rendezvous with ships from the League worlds. Ivanova opts to take the Whitestar fleet in advance and engage the enemy.

This has long been one of my favourite episodes of Season Four and the first highly action-packed battle sequence since the Shadow War is here as the Whitestar's engage Clark's Advanced (and enhanced) Destroyers. The end result is quite sad but that single battle I could watch on repeat - it follows a rather passionate speech from Ivanova too.

There are many other important points in this episode too from Garibaldi's redemption to Londo calling the League ambassadors together for a council meeting. By the end of the episode, everything is in place for the final confrontation we've all been waiting for...

Rating: 8/10

Clark's forces at Mars stand ready to take out Sheridan's fleet as they approach Earth.

This is it, the moment everyone has been waiting for ever since our crew broke away from Earth. On Mars, Franklin, Lyta and Garibaldi are helping the Resistance get their pieces in place while a massive armada awaits in orbit for Sheridan's arrival.

Meanwhile, Ivanova is taken back to Babylon 5 where it will be safer for her condition, despite the poor odds of her survival.

Sheridan's forces, in concert with the Resistance begin their attacks on Mars and with their secret weapons at the ready are able to disable much of the destroyer group that awaits them. This allows them to move forward to Earth, their final conflict and confront President Clark.

This episode brings an end to the campaign to free Earth and her colonies from Clark's rule. Rather than be captured, Clark takes matters into his own hands and threatens Earth in the process. Sheridan leads the Agamemnon in a heroic act to protect the planet with assistance from General Lefcourt in a timely arrival to the scene.

Meanwhile, Marcus learns of a possible way to help Ivanova and leaves the fleet following their attacks on Mars.

This is a symbolic episode as well, particularly with scenes of Minbari and Earth ships fighting alongside rather than against each other (as they last did when they were at Earth). Endgame provides the ending that most would expect with the huge battle sequences and action - however, the following episode will resolve a lot of the other matters - the important matters as Earth must recover from the damage done by Clark while he was in office.

Rating: 8/10

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