03 May 2014

Trek Review: Official Starships Collection - USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (2271 Refit)

Issue 2 of Eaglemoss' Official Starships Collection brings us the first Enterprise to grace the big screen as well as having probably the best unveiling of any ship in all of Star Trek - the refitted USS Enterprise, NCC-1701.

 photo IMG_1736_zps2377ae1f.jpgThe Magazine
This issue follows the same format and presentation introduced in Issue 1. Readers are treated to an overview of the ship and details of its 18 month refit and onto the three feature films it stars in.

There are also two pages dedicated to the Drydock in Earth orbit where the Enterprise is first seen, a section I found quite interesting. 

The usual exterior overview provides a crisp look at the ships hull and other points of interest before leading readers into the design section which looks at artwork and the concept designs for how the Enterprise could have looked if it were redesigned completely - as it almost was for the Phase II series that didn't come to be.

We then get to look at the studio models and how they were filmed for the feature films and how sections were made for certain shots, like in The Wrath of Khan for detailed damage in battle. 

Overall, the information provided is interesting and perhaps more in-depth than provided in the first issue as this ship only made three feature film appearances compared to the Enterprise -D's many. This means that events aren't overlooked so much this time around.  

 photo IMG_1739_zpsdb1d97ff.jpgThe Ship
Eaglemoss have produced another great representation of a ship named Enterprise. The silhouette matches the screen version wonderfully! However, while all the hull detail was on show in the magazine and on the previous model, this ship is presented in a single colour overall. 

Similar to the Enterprise -D, the saucer contains the die cast element while the remainder of the ship is plastic. The engines include more translucent blue plastic for the grilles and ramscoops, which is quite noticeable on the model compared to the screen versions (since they didn't really light up in the films). While differing a bit from the representation we're used to, the effect looks great when the light shines through.

 photo IMG_1733_zps60ee64dd.jpg

Hull markings are nicely done, though the perfectionist in me thinks the upper saucer registry and name are slightly off centre. Windows are represented along the engineering hull and around the edge of the saucer section. Again, the ship is supported by a stand customised for it. I noticed it is not as sturdy as the one provided in the previous issue though - but it's not an issue. 

While not to scale with the Enterprise -D, the ship is a decent size for displaying.

As said with the review for Issue 1, Eaglemoss set the bar very high for themselves with the Enterprise -D release. I feel that while this Enterprise is a great representation, it has trouble comparing as many details haven't been included. They showed they could go to extreme levels of detail on the previous release but this one misses out on the hull aztec patterning, the different shaded engineering hull, neck and pylon colours and Enterprise written beneath the shuttlebay doors to mention a few.

Yet it is still a wonderful model and from what I've read it will be accompanied by her twin sister, the Enterprise -A at some point down the track. I rate this ship a 7/10.

As a bit of a plug for the magazine itself, readers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Canada can enter a competition to win a Galaxy class starship with their name (or name of their choice) printed on it. Check out their competition page to enter!

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