22 April 2014

B5 Review: Conflicts of Interest, Rumors, Bargains and Lies & Moments of Transition

Season Four continues with Garibaldi's life taking a turn and Delenn returns to Minbar to sort out the mess in the wake of the broken Grey Council...

Conflicts of Interest
Garibaldi and WadeGaribaldi and Sheridan's differences come to a head and Michael is recruited to get an informant past security, but this is not any ordinary informant.

Garibaldi is recruited to look after an inbound traveller to the station, who turns out to be his former love interest Lise. Garibaldi focuses on the job at hand and finds out that Lise is married to one of the most powerful men on Mars, CEO of Edgars Industries who appears to be involved in some medicinal experiments involving telepaths.

Sheridan calls on Susan to be the anchor for the new 'Voice of the Resistance', to combat ISN's propaganda from Earth. She goes to Epsilon III to get help in boosting their signal so their broadcasts can reach more colonies and bumps into a new, old face.

I often forget the importance of this episode. It is pivotal to having Garibaldi employed by William Edgars and the rift between himself and Sheridan seemingly well and truly beyond repair.

Rating: 7/10

Rumors, Bargains and Lies
Religious casteDelenn and Lennier head to rendezvous with Religious and Warrior caste representatives in an attempt to end the fighting on Minbar. Meanwhile, Sheridan hatches a plan to bring the League worlds onboard with getting them to consent to the Whitestar fleet patrolling their borders.

Delenn attempts to work with Neroon to stop the fighting back on Minbar, while both have to fend off their own disloyal caste members in the process - Lennier thwarts a plan by the Religious caste to end all their lives as they believed Delenn would surrender to Neroon. However, whatever ideas Delenn and Neroon have, their motives remain unclear by the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, Sheridan has a good day as his plan comes together by doing almost nothing at all and getting everything he wanted from the League ambassadors.

This is a good middle episode where everything and nothing is happening at the same time. I was in the UK when this episode first aired over there in 1997 (Australian broadcasts were much further behind) and thankfully this episode was safe enough to watch without revealing any major spoilers that the previous and following episode in sequence might have.

Rating: 6.5/10

Moments of Transition
The Starfire WheelDelenn chooses to surrender to the Warrior Caste in order to stop the fighting as Neroon returns to Minbar to meet with the Warrior Caste leader Shakiri. Meanwhile, Bester visits Babylon 5 to offer Lyta a deal.

The conflict on Minbar is brought to an end and Delenn confronts Shakiri at the Starfire wheel on Minbar as was tradition in the past before the founding of the Grey Council. As Shakiri falters for all Minbari to see, Delenn proves that she would sacrifice herself for her people. Neroon restores honour for the Warrior Caste as he attempts to save Delenn from burning in the Starfire wheel, leaving Delenn in charge of creating a new Grey Council to lead the Minbari.

Lyta has been having trouble finding an income or a purpose after the end of the Shadow War as Bester offers her to represent the Psi Corps again, in name only, on the proviso that he gets to examine her body and her alterations after she has died. She initially refuses and looks to Garibaldi for help under his employ with William Edgars.

The episode finishes with Ivanova bringing terrible news of an unprovoked event happening at Proxima III under President Clark's orders. The news prompts Sheridan that it's time to make a move against Earth.

Rating: 8/10

From here, Season Four returns to action and the battle for Earth is about to begin...

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