25 March 2014

B5 Review: Racing Mars & Lines of Communication

Season Four continues from the episode Atonement (and the movie Thirdspace if you fit it in) with Sheridan attempting to make contact with the Mars Resistance. Meanwhile, closer to the station a new threat looms...

Racing Mars
MarsIvanova relieves Sheridan so he can take some time off while Marcus and Franklin make contact with the Resistance on Mars.

Sheridan at first finds it hard to cope with the fact he has some free time on his hands, but finally decides to try to make amends with Michael Garibaldi, particularly after his televised interview with ISN. However, things don't go so well for the two who were once colleagues and friends.

These disputes do bring Garibaldi into the attention of a group of men on the station who attempt to recruit him into their cause which remains quite the mystery.

Franklin and Marcus make contact with the Mars Resistance through Captain Jack who introduces them to Number Two and eventually, following a near deadly mixup, Number One. They encounter a strange alien being that has influenced one of their agents though.

This was a far better episode than I remember it being. On the one hand we have the wedge between Sheridan and Garibaldi growing and on the other we have the beginnings of working with the Mars Resistance - the audience are also slightly clued up on the strange alien that Franklin analyses too - which brings up some troubling revelations about the possible legacy of the Shadows.

I give it a 7/10.

Lines of Communication
Drakh EmissaryMarcus and Franklin try to gain support from the Mars Resistance leaders while Delenn encounters a new, dark threat and realises there are serious problems on Minbar.

Delenn takes a squadron of Whitestar's to investigate some attacks on League ships. What she finds is a 'new' alien race that have been given shelter by some of the Minbari Religious Caste - but she soon realises they are not what they seem, and are in fact servants of the Shadow's who seek to become masters of darkness themselves.

Sheridan comes up with an idea to combat ISN and Earth's propaganda campaign against the station with his own Voice of the Resistance, enlisting Ivanova to anchor the broadcasts.

Meanwhile, Franklin and Marcus work with Number One on Mars to gather support from the other Resistance leaders. 

In this episode, we are reminded of just what Delenn is capable of when she's pushed.  Viewers are also treated to some colourful and intricate effects sequences showing what the Whitestar's are capable of against an agile and unknown enemy.

A decent episode with some more momentum for the storyline. I rate it a 7.5/10.

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