05 December 2013

B5 Review: The Summoning & Falling Toward Apotheosis

Season Four continues in the aftermath of Sheridan's visit to Z'ha'dum and Garibaldi's disappearance with the Vorlon's revealing their next course of action in the Shadow War...

The Summoning
Cartagia tortures G'KarZack makes an important discovery regarding Mr Garibaldi's whereabouts while the League worlds decide not to assist Delenn in her plan to attack Z'ha'dum.

Marcus and Ivanova take a Whitestar to enlist some of the First Ones to help them and Londo & Vir are subjected to seeing G'Kar tortured by the will of Emperor Cartagia.

While tracking down a ship believed to have Mr Garibaldi aboard, Zack and team retrieve the Chief but not before the ship explodes.

Marcus and Ivanova come across something else entirely while searching for First Ones. Hidden in Hyperspace, a massive fleet of Vorlon ships, including some never seen before that dwarf even their largest cruisers. The Vorlon have taken matters in to their own hands it seems, with Lyta being kept out of Kosh's thoughts and these new ships obliterating entire planets that have been touched by the Shadows.

As the League worlds rally against Delenn's attack on Z'ha'dum, a mysterious ship arrives at the station and Sheridan returns, with Lorien in tow. Sheridan is able to turn around the League worlds and regain their support.

On Centauri Prime, Cartagia is displeased with G'Kar and his reactions to Centauri humiliation. Londo and Vir are forced to witness and plea with G'Kar to give the Emperor what he wants in order to save both their worlds.

The Summoning is a good episode for the season as pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place and the wheels are beginning to turn once again - albeit, not in a good way with the Vorlon rampage and G'Kar's torture. There is at least some hope with the return of Garibaldi and Sheridan that things may return to 'normal'.

My Rating: 7/10

Falling Toward Apotheosis
Garibaldi confronts KoshThe Vorlon's take drastic measures in the war against the Shadows while Londo pleads with Cartagia and Morden to have the Shadow ships removed from Centauri Prime and Sheridan plans to have Kosh removed from the station.

The Vorlon Planetkillers are on the loose and destroying any worlds touched by the Shadows - the rules have changed. Ivanova presents information from Babylon 5 about colonies offering assistance to fleeing refugees.

Word of the attacks reaches Centauri Prime where Londo confronts Cartagia and Morden who both insist the Shadow ships will remain as Centauri Prime is too big a target for even the Vorlon fleet.

Sheridan begins to put his plans into motion but needs Kosh removed from the station. Garibaldi and his team confront the ambassador and he refuses to leave. Lured out by Lyta, Sheridan is able to trap the ambassador and with the help of Lorien unleashes the final remnants of the former Kosh to fight the new ambassador and leave the station.

Finally, Cartagia remains displeased with G'Kar's lack of performance and offers Londo to suggest a form of punishment. Londo dismisses the question leaving Cartagia to ask for one of G'Kar's eyes to be removed - fulfilling another prophecy from Londo's dream...

An important episode in the development of the Shadow war with our perception of the Vorlon's finally turned around as they rampage through the galaxy and the removal of 'bad' Kosh from the station. Londo and Cartagia are now to travel to Narn where it would seem the plan to remove the crazed Emperor may take place - but what about the Vorlon fleet that will almost certainly have Centauri Prime in its sights?

While there are some nice developments, including the realisation that Sheridan has only 20 years at most left in him, thanks in part to Lorien's life energy transfers and the proposal between Sheridan and Delenn, the episode is mostly centered around the Vorlon problem and works to add pieces to the puzzle of what's to come rather than stand out on its own.

My Rating: 6/10

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