19 July 2013

B5 Review: Grey 17 is Missing & And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

Apologies for taking so long updating the blog. I've had a bit of a lifestyle change in the past few months and things have come up. Motivation to complete these reviews has been a bit lacking but I figure I need to get back into the habit!

Grey 17 is Missing
Zarg in Grey 17Garibaldi investigates a missing person in Grey sector and finds an entire level that has gone unnoticed since the station went online. Meanwhile, Delenn agrees to lead the Rangers.

I always used to remember this episode for the Grey 17 part of the storyline rather than the Delenn becoming Entil'zha part. This time around, I look at it in the opposite. The Delenn storyline is certainly the stronger part and brings this episode over the line of 'average' as we learn something of her past and we see the problems on Minbar growing since Delenn broke up the Grey Council in Severed Dreams. Neroon is back and has a nasty encounter with Marcus in the process.

However, Garibaldi gets stuck on a level that has been missing in Grey sector with a cult. This side of the story reminds me of the Star Trek episode Arena where Kirk fights off against a man in a lizard suit (a Gorn), instead here, Garibaldi fights off against a man in an alien suit (a Zarg).

I don't want to sound too harsh, as I said above, what stood out for me with this episode, this time was the more important story surrounding Delenn. For that, I give it a 6/10.

And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
Brother Theo meets his associatesZ Minus 14 Days

Religious associates of Brother Theo arrive on the station bringing news from Earth to the crew. Sheridan has been spending much of his time trying to recruit telepaths in their fight against the Shadows while trying to figure out the Shadows' motives. Londo works to end his feud with Lord Refa once and for all.

There is an ominous feel to this episode from the very beginning when we're presented with a countdown to 'Z'. Religious visitors from Earth bring news of resistance to President Clark's regime back home and try to bring some joy to the station during their visit.

Sheridan's near obsession with the Shadow War keeps Delenn and the others at a distance. It takes a sermon from Reverend William Dexter, for Sheridan to see that he should let Delenn in and after taking this advice, the two are able to figure out the Shadow attack 'plan'.

The bulk of this story though concentrates on Londo and Refa. With an elaborate plan, Londo is finally able to see an end to the dispute between the two houses and although Vir gets caught up in it all, Londo is able to help G'Kar in the process. The episode ends with one of the most interestingly captured (and memorable) scenes of the series involving G'Kar and Refa and then a beautiful moment with Sheridan and Delenn, leaving us at Z Minus 10 Days.

My rating, 7/10.