27 February 2013

The Nokia Loyalist

I guess you could say I'm a bit of a loyalist when it comes to certain brands. Ford cars, Canon cameras, airlines allied to the oneworld alliance and there'd be many other examples. While I've changed through different telecommunication suppliers, one constant has been that my mobile phones have all come from Nokia.

Starting with a handed down 3110 'brick' and going through models including the 5110, 6150, 7250 (the first phone with an inbuilt camera), 6280, 6210 Navigator and the X6, I've had a good look at decent, robust phones from the Finnish company through nearly 20 years. Each phone did its job well and lasted a decent run before being replaced - except the X6. Probably the black sheep of the models listed, it was the only Nokia I owned that I never sought out to own. It was a promotional bribe from a telco to keep me on contract and out of Apple's reach as I was contemplating changing over to the iPhone 3GS. The X6 did its job but it was never really a smartphone. It didn't have the wow factor of other phones like the iPhone or its stablemate, the Nokia N97. However, it proved itself a trooper surviving until it could go no more - just before acquiring my latest phone.

So there's a bit of my phone history, but what's the point of all this?

In recent years, Apple has dominated the mobile phone sales with Samsung only recently clawing back some market share for itself. Nokia, meanwhile has fallen to near insignificance. I wasn't sure what my replacement for the X6 would be and playing with the thought that I'd have to submit to the evil Apple empire or go for an Android. The former decision never sat well, though I admitted above that I did consider the 3GS once upon a time.

Thankfully, Nokia weren't out completely and had started their comeback with phones like the N9 with a new (Meego) operating system and bright colours to help owners stand out from the rest. Then came their Lumia range running Windows Phone and I started to pay attention.

The Lumia 800 & 900 offered a sleek new looking device amongst the sea of iPhone 3 & 4's flooding the market. While Samsung and others were offering alternatives, the Nokia's sang out to me instantly. I was prepared to track down a cyan coloured 900 in Australia, just as information started to come out that newer 820 & 920 versions with HD screens and even more features were just around the corner.

Unlike Apple, Nokia's information was scarce and a release date was nearly impossible to confirm. With the X6 starting to show its age, I was hoping it would last until the new Lumia's were out and before we headed to Japan for our holiday so I could test the device while away. It wasn't to be. 

Release was slated for the end of 2012 and then only in certain colours. After deciding I had to have a Lumia 920 over the smaller 820, I then set my mind on a red version which was one of the last colours to become available.

As would happen, the X6 didn't survive long enough to usher in its replacement. The key lock broke before 2012 ended and while I was on the waiting list for a red Lumia 920, the Christmas break meant there was no way I'd see the phone in my hands before new year. In the meantime, my Dad let me borrow his Nokia (of course) E63.

The E63 wore the right badge and did a decent job as a stand in, but thankfully I was informed that stock became available in early January and a new red Lumia 920 was mine. My first proper smartphone and it's been a great experience with Windows Phone 8 after so many years in the Symbian OS. I'll save a review of Nokia's flagship phone for another post since I've managed to fill this one up with my mobile phone history!

 photo IMG_7207_zpsd14f6699.jpg
Nokia 5110, 7250, 6280, X6 and Lumia 920

I never quite understood the appeal of a smartphone until owning one - and now I look like everyone else - at the dinner table checking the latest updates or playing games with friends. I was always taking photos of food, but the Lumia 920 allows me to do that with even better photographs and options now! I might be a latecomer to the party but I don't think there's any going back?

Nokia have delivered a remarkable phone here. I know they've been quiet but hopefully this is a sign of a resurgence for them and to bring their name back in favour and popularity amongst smartphone purchasers.

Stay tuned for my more detailed review of the Lumia 920 and my experiences with it some time soon :)


Jacq said...

Can't believe you've still got your old "brick" Nokias. The 5110 and 7250 bring back memories... good times!

Daniel said...

Hahaha! They belong in a museum! If only I still had the 3110, the literal brick. That made the 5110 look like an ant and feel so modern! Funny too how the Lumia 920 is deemed as a heavyweight in today's smartphones yet it still appears to be smaller in mass than the 5110.

One of the best looking Nokia's I owned before that's not in the photo was the 6210 Navigator. I think Mum put it in the washing machine when I let her borrow it once :-\

Definitely good memories though. A friend of mine had some of the more eccentric and 'out there' Nokia's from their catalogue. He'd have an interesting photo if he kept them all :)

Eleonor said...

Horray for the new smartphone! Love the pic of the antiques ;-) I think mine are still floating around at Dad's home of antiquities...heh the Lumia 920 does have the best camera of any smartphone. It's just a shame the battery life doesn't quite last the distance as some of the more popular ones. Maybe in the next version perhaps