07 October 2012

B5 Review: Hunter, Prey & There All The Honor Lies

Hunter, Prey
Franklin & Garibaldi incognitoDr Everett Jacobs, the personal physician to the Earth Alliance President is on the run and reportedly on Babylon 5 with stolen data and looking to defect to an alien government. Meanwhile, Sheridan makes it his mission to learn more about their resident Vorlon, Ambassador Kosh.

Following on from the developing story about trouble back on Earth, brought up in All Alone in the Night, we have a Doctor on the run with evidence to suggest that President Clark was not unwell when he disembarked Earthforce One prior to its destruction - killing then President Santiago and allowing Clark to take over the Presidency. Sheridan comes into contact with others who want Jacobs and his information kept safe while Earthforce Special Intelligence Agent Cranston and Babylon 5 security begin tearing the place apart looking for him.

Kosh's ship is sort of a character in this episode and plays an important part towards the end, allowing the crew to learn something about Vorlon technology in the process. Sheridan meets with Kosh and convinces him to teach him more about the Vorlon's. Kosh agreeing to teach Sheridan so that he will be able "to fight legends". 

This episode sees the continuation of a movement gathering information and intelligence against the current government on Earth - are we on the right side of things? It also sees what could be a beneficial relationship between Sheridan and Kosh in the making - why will Sheridan need to be ready to fight legends?

Rating: 6/10

There All The Honor Lies
Apparently, the Minbari never lieSheridan is accused of murdering a Minbari citizen and the key witness is found to be 'in error where the truth is concerned'. Meanwhile, Ivanova looks into a Babylon 5 merchandise shop that has opened in the Zocalo and Vir receives some disturbing news.

We learn a bit more about the Minbari in this episode in that apparently, they never lie as it is a great dishonour for their race. Only through a quick chat with Londo, do we realise this is not entirely true.

Amidst the turmoil Sheridan faces in this episode, Kosh comes to him and continues their lessons where Sheridan finds something beautiful in an unexpected place.

Londo is unimpressed by his likeness in figurine form on sale at the shop in the Zocalo and neither is Sheridan when he is shown a teddy-bear with his initials sewn into its jacket. The fate of the bear had Eleonor laughing out loud - bringing a lighter-toned end to what was mostly a serious episode.

Vir is out of sorts here with news that he is to be replaced as his position has become too important. Thankfully, Londo sorts it all out for him, allowing Vir to stay at his post.

From our Minbari witness, Ashan, we see more of that hatred towards Sheridan, 'Star Killer' and he also focusses some of that towards Delenn who he no longer recognises as Minbari and has no hesitation in letting her know so. Sadly, this appears to be an unfortunate consequence of her transformation among her people with her expulsion from the Grey Council in All Alone in the Night and other examples we have witnessed this season.

Rating: 6.5/10

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