22 September 2012

B5 Review: Soul Mates & A Race Through Dark Places

Soul Mates
Londo's Ascension CeremonyLondo summons his three wives to Babylon 5 while Talia's ex-husband pays a visit.

We get to meet Londo's wives which were previously referred to in The War Prayer. For the 30th anniversary of his Ascension Day, he has been granted the wish of a divorce from two of his wives, bringing him much joy.

Meanwhile, Talia goes through another emotional episode (on the heels of A Spider in the Web) where she is reunited with her ex-husband from the Corps, Matthew Stoner. Stoner is the type of guy you love to hate. His smooth talking just gets under your skin, particularly in his dealings with Security and Garibaldi. He claims he has found a way to leave the Corps and asks Talia to join him.

The episode combines humour, from Londo's interactions with G'Kar and his wives, to Delenn coming to terms with hair and cramps, with a bit of mystery with Stoner's storyline. Who was involved in the assassination attempt on Londo? Had Stoner really left the Psi-Corps? Was Talia being tested?

Overall Rating: 6/10

A Race Through Dark Places
Sheridan and Delenn at DinnerPsi-Cop Bester returns to Babylon 5 to investigate and uncover an underground railroad of rogue telepaths. Meanwhile, Delenn asks Sheridan to take her to dinner and Sheridan & Ivanova take a stand against EarthGov who want to charge them more for their quarters on the station.

This episode marks an important development in Talia's character. She is introduced to the rogue telepaths moving through Babylon 5 and hears their unfortunate experiences with the Corps which appears to assist in her helping the railroad avoid detection by Bester. We learn she is far more powerful than she realises and she is even told that she is 'the future'. This and her developing talents from Ironheart's gift in Mind War should help her but to what extent? A rebellion against the Psi-Corps or something more?

On the other side of things, we see Delenn learning about the personal side of being human and attracting the attention of many patrons at the 'Fresh Air' restaurant and there is some humour with Sheridan and Ivanova's situation, sleeping (or trying to) in the Captain's Office.

Ultimately, we will have to see where Talia's story takes her and while this appears to be an important step in that direction, my overall rating for this one is also a 6/10.

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