11 July 2012

Trek Review: The Pirates of Orion & Bem

Returning to the Star Trek universe again, we approach the end of The Animated Series...

The Pirates of Orion
Enterprise faces off against an Orion shipAnother virus has struck the Enterprise crew and has a noticeable effect on Spock. Out of range from any supply of a cure, Kirk and crew must rely on a freighter to deliver it in time. The matter is complicated when the freighter is attacked by Orion Pirates putting Spock's life in greater danger. 

Kirk and crew once again join together to save Spock in this episode and it involves a stand-off with an Orion Captain and crew who seem to be acting against the orders/wishes of their government, leading them to drastic action to keep their honour. As a result, this episode sees a bit more action and apparently, it's the first time we see a male Orion of any sort in the franchise.

Still, enjoyable and we get to see a new ship in an interesting space environment. I give it a rating of 7/10.

Commander BemThe Enterprise plays hosts to Commander Ari bn Bem from the planet Pandro who insists he accompany a landing party to look at a newly discovered planet. However, his strange actions endanger himself and the landing party in the process.

This episode again demonstrates the advantages of animation with regard to Bem's character and species. The mystery of Bem plays out through the episode where we eventually learn that he is observing the crew and seeing if the Federation is ready for diplomatic relations with his people. 

We get to see Uhura in charge on the bridge again here and she is convincing in her role which was good to see. We also learn the true meaning behind the 'T' in James T. Kirk, it is Tiberius, and it was unveiled in The Animated Series - there you go!

Overall Rating: 6/10

These two episodes actually mark the beginning of a short lived second season for The Animated Series. I think there's only four left so I'll save my overall review until the series has finished.

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