14 June 2012

B5 Review: Survivors & By Any Means Necessary

Sinclair & Garibaldi face off against Kemmer & Cutter
President Santiago is enroute to Babylon 5 to deliver a brand new fighter wing to the station among other things. Following an explosion in one of the Cobra Bays, the President's Head of Security, Major Lianna Kemmer arrives to investigate the explosion and make sure everything is in order for the Presidential visit.

Garibaldi knew Kemmer's father and it is obvious she hasn't forgotten this when she confronts Sinclair and coldly dismisses Garibaldi who through the course of the episode becomes implicated in the Cobra Bay explosion and turns fugitive to prove his own innocence and uncover the real perpetrator.

This is a great episode offering insights into Earthforce as well as uncovering a bit more about Garibaldi's past and his on again, off again relationship with drinking. We see Kemmer is so driven by her hate towards Garibaldi that it blinds her to what is really going on, leading almost to disaster.

While we don't actually see President Santiago (we hear him), we do get a good look at his ship, Earth Force One which of course works out nicely for me as a ship geek. There are a number of humourous moments again, one of my favourites being the interaction between Kemmer and Ivanova - 'Request denied. Have a nice day!'

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

By Any Means Necessary
G'Kar meditates
It's a busy day for Babylon 5 with a lot of ships awaiting access to the docking bays. Ivanova is in CnC attempting to get the ships in while the dock workers are doing their best to keep the wheels turning. A malfunction in the docking bay while a Narn transport arrives is the tipping point resulting in the destruction of the Narn ship and the death of a dock worker.

Union member Neeoma Connoly talks with Sinclair and insists her workers were not to blame for the accident and have been pushed too far to keep the station running. A security investigation proves that faulty equipment was responsible. Meanwhile, G'Kar is left without a special plant for his religious ceremonies which was due to arrive on the destroyed transport.

The political wheels are set in motion when the dock workers call in sick. Earth send a representative over to negotiate and to end the strike while G'Kar is forced to go to Londo in search of his G'Quan Eth plant.

This isn't the most pivotal episode of the season but it certainly is a good one. Realistic work conditions and substandard equipment put in place resulting in a strike scenario echoes situations we see day-to-day in the 21st century. Governments cutting costs to get more for their bottom lines still exist 200 years from now. Sinclair saves the day again with some clever thinking and interpretation while G'Kar and Londo nearly kill each other. Again!

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

At this point it's good to see Eleonor appears to be enjoying the Babylon 5 universe. I hope this continues as the episodes are all about to become that much more interesting and important...


Zoltan said...

You've been giving too many 6.5 ratings until now. :D

"The Parliament of Dreams", "Deathwalker" and "By Any Means Necessary" are definitely higher rated in my book. "Parliament" already for its title. :)

Daniel said...

Thanks Zoli! The episodes you mention are great and deal with many deeper concepts. I'll try to spread the love around a bit more and break away from the 6.5/10 ratings :)