29 May 2012

Trek Review: The Infinite Vulcan & The Magicks of Megas-Tu

The Infinite Vulcan
The crew meet Keniclius 5 and Spock 2
The Enterprise arrives at a recently discovered planet to find intelligent plant life and the clone of a Eugenics war era scientist named Keniclius.

A landing party meet Agmar, a Phylosian when Sulu is poisoned by a small, mobile plant. After their introduction, the landing party is attacked by plant-based flying creatures and Spock is kidnapped.

After demanding to be taken to where Spock is being held, they find a giant human scientist, named Keniclius who was involved in the creation of augmented humans on Earth.

Keniclius plans to clone Spock to bring peace throughout the galaxy with his Vulcan mind. Kirk is able to reason logically with the clone that this would not work and the clone is able to help revive the original Spock whilst electing to remain on Phylos with Keniclius in order to find a way to bring back the Phylosian civilisation.

This is one of the Animated episodes I remember seeing. Unfortunately I'm not sure the story was one of the better contributions, even though it was penned by actor Walter Koenig. At this point, only a short way in to the series, the episodes are becoming too familiar among each other with similar scenes, the music on repeat and the stories played out slowly.

There are interesting elements of this episode but my overall rating is a 5/10.

The Magicks of Megas-Tu
While investigating creation theories near the Galactic Core, the Enterprise ends up in an energy tornado that transports them to a place where magic rules and science does not.

They encounter an alien named Lucien who takes them to his planet, Megas-Tu where he introduces the crew to the ways of magic in this region but cautions them to use it sparingly.

On the ship, the crew begin using their powers but Lucien quickly appears and warns them of unwanted attention that would come with their use of magic - too late, the Megans have detected the use of magic and arrive on Enterprise in non-corporeal form.

The ship's crew are transported to a witch trial in a reproduction of Salem, Massachusetts. Asmodeus, the prosecutor explains the story of how the Megans travelled to Earth in the past but were cast out and accused of witchcraft. Spock speaks for the Humans in order to prove they have come beyond those times and upon examining the ship's computer, the crew could go free.

The Megans then move to punish Lucien, but Kirk defends him and in a magic battle against Asmodeus, impresses the Megans for his self-sacrifice and proof that humanity has changed.

An episode with links to historical events, a visit to the Galactic Core and a possible encounter with Lucifer himself. The premise is not so bad but the execution, for children's cartoon showing is somewhat less than I would have expected. Of course it all comes down to interpretation and upbringing and Lucien is never fully identified as Lucifer. In any case, the episode is let down by some drawn out dialogue and more slow scenes.

Overall Rating: 5/10

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