21 May 2012

B5 Review: Born to the Purple & Infection

Born to the Purple

Adira and Londo
Londo is besotted by a Centauri dancer, Adira. Though the relationship has many benefits for the Ambassador he fails to see that there is more to her than he realises and his career could be at risk. Meanwhile, Garibaldi tracks someone using the priority Gold Channels for unauthorised communications.

I had forgotten about Adira, or maybe I had forgotten that she appeared so early in the series. While not overly important to any storyline, she is referred back to down the track. Definitely that most special woman in Londo's life.

While Londo messes about with Adira, he neglects his ambassadorial duties with Sinclair and G'Kar over the Euphrates Treaty, at one point allowing his assistant, Vir to negotiate with full ambassadorial authority. I had also forgotten about G'Kar's aide, Ko D'Ath, who we meet in this episode.

Adira, a slave under the influence of Trakis, her master is tasked with stealing Londo's 'purple files' which hold dirt and secrets on all the noble houses of the Centauri Republic. A plan hatched by Sinclair allows for the files to be recovered.

Meanwhile we learn just that little bit more about Ivanova's family and we get to see Talia Winters working as intended during the Narn/Centauri negotiations and assisting in Sinclair's plan to help Londo.

A nice enough episode, a little less character building and not even too critical to the overall story arc, yet enjoyable. Overall Rating: 6/10.


Vance Hendricks, an archaeologist and former mentor of Dr Stephen Franklin comes aboard Babylon 5 with artifacts discovered on a dead world, but they are much more than simple artifacts and soon the entire station is at risk.

Hendricks' assistant, Nelson Drake kills a dock worker to get the artifacts through customs and soon discovers there is more to these artifacts than first realised as he is attacked whilst inspecting them and then begins to transform.

Franklin and Hendricks realise they're dealing with organic technology and Hendricks knows the potential these items would have, both for Earth and for his own wealth. However, with Drake continuing to transform and become more powerful, the attention of the crew turns to protecting the station.

Sinclair throws himself into the firing line once again in order to stop Drake and manages to do so. Franklin reports Hendricks after Drake has recovered and explained how the artifacts got through quarantine.

In the background, Sinclair continues to dodge meeting with an Interstellar Network News reporter assigned to interview him after Babylon 5 has been online for two years.

This episode stands alone from any major arcs occurring in the Babylon 5 universe but does touch on the topic of cultural cleansing and accepting imperfections - ultimately what killed the Ikarrans. Some slight background to Dr Franklin comes through as well as a bit more about the relationship between Garibaldi and Sinclair.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10

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