18 April 2012

Trek Review: One of Our Planets is Missing & The Lorelei Signal

One of Our Planets is Missing

Enterprise encounters planet eating cloudThe Enterprise encounters a strange cosmic cloud that engulfs a planet on the fringe of Federation space. The crew intercept and try to find a way to stop it before it reaches Mantilles, the most remote inhabited planet in the Federation.

Kirk contacts Bob Wesley, seen in the TOS episode The Ultimate Computer and now governor of Mantilles to begin evacuation. We soon find out the cloud is a living creature and Spock is able to communicate with it via mind-meld. The cloud stops and returns to where it came from, sparing Mantilles.

This is another decent enough episode in the series. The animation works well to showcase the size and amazing environment within the cloud. Perhaps the communication with the cloud and convincing it to leave was too easy and the question must surely be where has it gone to and what is it 'consuming' on its way there?

We get to see some new areas of the ship, including the antimatter nacelles and Lt Arex, the three armed and tripedal navigation officer speaks for the first time.

Overall Rating: 6/10

The Lorelei Signal

Aged Spock and McCoy The Enterprise is investigating an area of space where ships have been disappearing for the past 150 years. The ship is probed and then receives a signal, which appears and sounds different to each crew member.

The male crew members are mostly affected by visions and a feel of being called somewhere while Uhura detects nothing. Kirk orders the ship to the Taurean system.

Upon arrival, the all male landing party is greeted by an all female compound. They entertain the landing party who eventually fall ill and wake to find themselves aging and with headbands attached.

Uhura, aboard Enterprise organises an all female security team with Nurse Chapel to determine what is happening. Uhura takes command of the ship when Scotty's state of mind is called into question and transport to the surface to help out the landing party.

Ultimately the men are saved and it is found that the planet drains and weakens the humanoid inhabitants, but the women were able to overcome this. Scotty is able to use the transporter to restore the landing party to their proper age.

A lot happens in this episode and while it is interesting, there might have been too much of it to fit in the shortened time span allocated. Using the transporter to save our landing party would become a trick used more and more often in later adventures and you would have to question the women on Taurus II, why lure more men to their planet when they could simply ask for help? Particularly as it is found that they can be relocated to a 'safer' planet and their bodies will adjust accordingly.

It was good though to see Uhura take command of the ship!

Overall Rating: 5/10

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