04 February 2012

Trek Review: Requiem for Methuselah & The Way to Eden

Season Three and the Original Series is starting to come to an end as we get into the last few episodes...

Requiem for Methuselah
RaynaWith most of the crew suffering from the deadly Rigellian fever, the Enterprise arrives at a planet to gather ryetalyn, the key ingredient for the antidote.

On the surface, Kirk, Spock and McCoy come under attack from a robot which is halted by the arrival of an old man named Flint.

Flint claims the world is his and asks the landing party to leave regardless of their situation. Kirk orders the Enterprise to lock phasers on their coordinates which forces Flint to back down.

Flint instructs his robot, M-4 to retrieve the ryetalyn and invites the landing party to his place, a massive castle where they meet another, a woman named Rayna. Flint invites Kirk and Rayna to get to know each other, with consequences for everyone.

Kirk develops feelings for Rayna while the landing party are continuously delayed both directly and indirectly by Flint who reveals that he is an immortal who has lived for many milennia and
bore the names of several famous human's such as Brahm's and Da Vinci. The landing party eventually discover that Rayna is in fact an android, created by Flint to be his companion. Kirk becomes determined to let Rayna be free and choose her own destiny - but her conflicting emotions and feelings for both Flint and Kirk cause her to die.

With the ryetalyn in hand, the Enterprise crew are able to be cured. It is also discovered that Flint will eventually die.

I'll be honest and say that there wasn't much keeping me interested in this episode and it just appeared to be another 'filler' for the Season. All right up until the very end. Kirk realises his actions were less than honourable and Spock does not understand why the Captain is grieving so much. McCoy explains it to Spock and pities the Vulcan for not being able to relate. But the one thing Spock does at the end of the episode to help Kirk, his friend made this episode worthwhile.

I wasn't keen on the idea of an immortal like Flint actually being the same person as Brahms and Da Vinci, but I guess they had to relate the character to some well known icons from Earth's past to drive home the point.

Overall Rating: 6/10

The Way to Eden

Sevrin & AdamThis is the episode of the space hippies! The Enterprise is in pursuit of a space cruiser, the Aurora which has been commandeered by a group that are in search of the planet Eden.

The group begin infiltrating the ship's crew to find out about the Enterprise and its operations and to win people over for their cause should they wish to follow. Their leader, Dr Sevrin is deemed insane by Spock, but Spock does agree to help the group in their search.

While performing a concert for the crew, others from Sevrin's group go about taking control of the ship and plot a course for Eden - through the Romulan Neutral Zone.

On arrival, Sevrin and his group steal a shuttle to the planet surface. Kirk and crew pursue to find one of Sevrin's followers dead from eating a poisonous fruit and Sevrin with burns on his feet from the acidic grass. The planet is ultimately deadly to humans, but Sevrin continues to explore and eventually dies. The rest of the group are brought back to the Enterprise which leaves the Neutral Zone without incident.

A bit of a silly episode that also provides a bit of fun. There are some good moments between Spock and the 'hippies' and the musical instruments of the 23rd century include a Sword with strings and a bicycle wheel - what's not to like? "Herbert! Herbert! Herbert!"

Overall Rating: 6/10

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