31 December 2011

Wishing You All The Best for 2012!

New Years Eve, 2011

Hi All,

Just a quick message to say that I haven't forgotten how to blog or about this blog at all. I've had quite a busy month from the wedding earlier, to the honeymoon and since then we've also had Christmas and everything that involves.

With less than 6 hours remaining for 2011 I wanted to thank my followers - hopefully there's a band of readers out there who aren't subscribed to this blog's writings! I wish you all the best for a prosperous 2012 whenever that comes around for you in your timezone :)

In the new year I hope to continue this run of blogging, 2011 saw me make the most amount of posts of any year I've had this blog - thanks mostly to the reviews of Star Trek episodes. I hope to keep that going as well as write up some of my experiences these past few months with the wedding planning and notes about the honeymoon and other interesting things that have been going on as well as my (traditional) year's summary for 2011.

Looking forward to 2012!

All the best,