24 October 2011

Trek Review: Spock's Brain & The Enterprise Incident

So we begin with Season Three, the last live action season of The Original Series. The opening episode, Spock's Brain is known for being one of the worst episodes and all I could really remember from it was McCoy operating on Spock, re-attaching his brain with the help of none other than Spock himself...

Spock's Brain

Spock wearing a neural stimulatorThe Enterprise is approached and boarded by what appear to be an advanced alien race. They steal Spock's brain forcing Kirk and McCoy to retrieve it.

Throughout the whole series we've been constantly seeing that Spock is super smart, too smart. That Vulcan's can compute things just like a computer really makes you wonder how they're content to serve the lives they do and in Spock's case, be subordinate to Kirk.

The idea though that an alien race would take Spock's brain in order to replace the computer on their planet is a little far-fetched, even for a science fiction show. But this episode pulls out all the stops and has his brain retrieved from the computer system it's tied into and replaced back into Spock's head, with Spock assisting Dr McCoy as he does it.

I'm not sure if the episode was designed to be taken seriously or if the producer's were having a laugh. In any case, the episode doesn't rate well. However, it did bring up some interesting elements about the people who stole Spock's brain which aren't explored deeply enough.

In the remastered version there's some nice touches with the new planet effects and the clarity is as it would be expected by now.

Overall Rating: 3/10

The Enterprise Incident

Spock and the Romulan CommanderThe Enterprise finds herself on the wrong side of The Neutral Zone and surrounded by three Romulan ships. The Romulan Commander takes a liking to Spock while Kirk embarks on a mission to steal a new piece of Romulan technology.

One of few episodes I remember of the third season, however there is very little action in it. The Enterprise is basically on a mission of espionage to capture a new device developed by the Romulan's which allows them to appear invisible to others.

Kirk begins to display irrational behaviour while Spock keeps the attention of the Romulan Commander. McCoy then alters Kirk's appearance so he can better infiltrate the Romulan ship and steal the cloaking device. Scotty, the miracle worker is able to tie the device into the Enterprise's systems and allows their escape.

It's an interesting episode featuring one of my favourite alien races, the Romulan's but I'm not quite so sure why the Romulan Commander took such a liking to Spock so quickly. The Romulan's notoriously don't trust people easily and for her to let her guard down around Spock was just odd. Maybe they learned from her mistake.

Ultimately, Kirk and Spock are successful in their mission, though capturing a single cloaking device obviously doesn't halt the Romulan's from using it in future and the Federation don't develop their own from the device captured.

In the remastered edition there's plenty of colour and vibrancy as is to be expected. The CGI team had a bit more fun and replaced one of the Klingon/Romulan ships with a typical Bird of Prey and painted the orange bird of prey on the underside of the Klingon ships. A nice touch for the ship geeks :P

Overall Rating: 6/10

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