09 October 2011

The Big Day Draws Near

Something a little less than sci-fi related today. We're under 2 months away from our big wedding day and it's amazing how much we still have to do. But we're also at a point where we're ticking off the milestones one at a time and at an increased rate, so that's great as well!

In these recent weeks we have been attempting to organise some entertainment outside of what our venue is providing. This has proved a little frustrating but we think we're getting close to a solution. Just yesterday we finalised our wedding rings (not a requirement, but of symbolic importance) and we are very close to settling on some transportation for the bridal party to the venue. Suits have been arranged for myself and the best man while the bridesmaid dress is being inspected as I type.

This coming week we will be busy meeting with our marriage celebrant, cake maker and other vendors. Visits that I'm sure will become more common and more frequent as the days wind down.

Last weekend we attended our last wedding as guests before our own so we were eagerly taking and making notes on what we liked and what perhaps wouldn't work for our own day. In my last wedding as a single guy I finally caught the garter - and have no idea what to do with it now :P

While a little stressful at times, I think we have managed our time well and we have to keep in mind that there's much more to come as the days pass by.

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