14 August 2011

Trek Review: Wolf in the Fold & The Trouble With Tribbles

Wolf in the Fold

Wolf in the FoldOn Argelius II Scotty is recovering from a workplace accident (caused by a female crewmember) with Kirk and McCoy enjoying the hospitality (and the women) being offered.

No sooner Scotty decides to go for a walk with one of their entertainers, she is dead, with Scotty standing nearby with a knife and blood on his hands.

Two more women are murdered with Scotty being the prime suspect in each case while the investigation unfolds.

An interesting episode though I'll admit I was distracted while watching it. I wasn't sure how Scotty would ever be found innocent as each new murder happened. In the end, the link to 'Jack the Ripper' on Earth is brought up and I'll say it sounds a bit weak and implausible but not impossible how they ended up bringing one of Earth's 'ancient legends' into the picture.

The final resolution with the beaming of Mr Hengist into deep space in order to kill the entity is a bit extreme and with the crew under a drug that eliminates fear and makes everyone aboard the Enterprise so jovial really diminishes any effect Mr Hengist's death should have had? Somehow I doubt if the entity repossessed Scotty or some other important crew member that Kirk would have so easily made the decision to have their atoms scattered throughout space?!

Overall Rating: 5/10

With that, we are now at the halfway point of the Original Series, at least that's how the Blu-Ray remastered discs have been ordered...

The Trouble With Tribbles

The Trouble With TribblesThe Enterprise is called via Code One to Space Station K-7 in orbit of Sherman's Planet near Klingon space. Once there, they find no emergency but a very impatient and power wielding Federation official (another one) named Nilz Baris.

Baris and his aide, Arne Darvin explain they're fearful the Klingons may make an attempt to sabotage some important grain which will help the Federation establish a presence on Sherman's Planet.

Kirk orders his crew to take shore leave on K-7 with Uhura and Chekov wasting no time and meeting Cyrano Jones, who gives Uhura a cute, furry creature called a Tribble.

Unfortunately for Kirk, Starfleet orders him and the Enterprise to accommodate Baris' needs just as a Klingon Battlecruiser turns up at the station. Kirk warns the station but sees that the Klingon captain, Koloth (who looks a lot like Trelane from 'The Squire of Gothos') and his first officer Korax are already aboard K-7.

They ask for permission to take shore leave on the station, which Kirk allows under strict rules. It doesn't take long for the two crews to clash when Scotty hits Korax for insulting the Enterprise. All the while, Uhura's Tribble has managed to reproduce and create enough for everyone in the crew and continues to multiply with Tribbles appearing all over the Enterprise and K-7. Kirk, Spock and Scotty soon realise the Tribbles will be able to get into the precious grain that Baris wants so protected and as they check out the storage compartments on K-7 they find the entire supply replaced with bloated Tribbles.

Spock finds most of the Tribbles are dying or dead, the grain had been poisoned. With the Tribbles reacting badly to Klingons (and we find the feeling is mutual), Arne Darvin is ousted as a Klingon agent and he was behind sabotaging the grain. Wrapping things up for Kirk and his crew, the Enterprise leaves while Scotty deposits all the remaining Tribbles aboard the Klingon Battlecruiser.

This was a fun episode and certainly a memorable one with a decent amount of politics, crew interaction and humour. One of my main nitpicks has been brewing over a number of episodes since the introduction of Chekov as a main character - does he always have to say everything was invented or came from Russia? He's been doing it in most of the episodes he's appeared in and I hope he stops soon!

My main memory of this episode prior to watching it here was from the future Deep Space Nine episode, 'Trials and Tribble-ations'. We watched this episode (included on the blu-ray disc) afterwards and it was quite impressive to see how they combined the two shows so seamlessly.

In the remaster there were some great shots, certainly lots of colour. The same could not be said for the DS9 episode, but I won't review that until later (much later!) Some of the new effects shots were great, particularly the Enterprise's arrival at K-7. Unfortunately we still haven't had an up close look at a Klingon Battlecruiser, despite at least two episodes showing them now. I'm not sure if we ever will see them or if they're holding off for the detailed shots in 'The Motion Picture'.

Overall Rating: 8/10

So our Trek continues with the remainder of the second season and the second half of the Original Series...

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