13 July 2011

A Year At Home

On 24 June 2011, Eleonor and I celebrated (aside from several birthdays) a year's ownership of our wonderful home. It's unbelievable that it's been a year already since we received the keys and were able to start moving in.

In that year the house has been furnished with partial hand-me-down furniture including a sofa set, my old bed and some desks to newly purchased items like our new chaise lounge, entertainment unit, queen bed and appliances. We even managed to place a few glass display cabinets around and some bookshelves in the study.

Outside has taken a bit longer, but with the enthusiastic, generous and very much appreciated help of Eleonor's father we've got the side paths covered and the backyard will be along soon. At least the messed up back 'area' has been flattened out a bit, a retaining wall has been placed along the rear fence and Eleonor's doves were moved in.

We were able to hold a family housewarming late last year but we hope that with a completed backyard we'll be able to open up the entertainment area, fire up a (yet to be acquired) barbecue and have an all-inclusive housewarming/engagement party with our family and friends before the end of the year :)

A completed backyard would mean we could also start looking for a dog to inhabit (and hopefully not dig up) the area!

We're getting there...

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