27 June 2011

Trek Review: Amok Time & Who Mourns for Adonais?

The second season of Star Trek begins! I didn't expect 'Amok Time' to be the first episode we'd come across but here we are...

Amok Time

Amok TimeThis is the first episode of the second season, it's the episode we learn more about Vulcans and their way of life, how they chose a mate and the ceremonies involved around that. It's the first time we get to see Chekov and it's the first episode to feature that iconic 'fight music'!

Spock begins behaving differently, borderline violently and pleads with Kirk to let him go back to Vulcan. The Enterprise is already engaged in a diplomatic mission to Altair VI which makes granting Spock's request difficult.

Nevertheless, Kirk opts to help out his friend and McCoy finds that if Spock doesn't return to Vulcan, he will die. Spock reveals he is to marry T'Pring upon arrival at Vulcan, but she has other ideas. Setting up a challenge between Spock and Kirk and putting their lives on the line...

A great episode where we learn much more and see so much more of Vulcan, particularly in the remaster. Some of the new scenes inserted were fantastic. I appreciated the new shots of the Enterprise but the new Vulcan landscape scenes were amazingly well done as well.

The friendship between Kirk, Spock and McCoy has settled by this episode and we get our first sighting of Chekov who will become a regular part of the crew (I imagine) from here. Hopefully his wig doesn't hang around with him though!

While Eleonor didn't like 'angry Spock' so much, it was still quite funny to see him bash his computer monitor in!

Spock rage

Overall Rating: 8/10

Who Mourns for Adonais?

Who Mourns for AdonaisI looked at this episode as one that I wouldn't enjoy. It would be a throwaway, from the moment a giant hand is coming at the Enterprise from a planet and holding it in place to seeing a guy in robes claiming to be Apollo I'd already made my mind up about this episode.

But, it did manage to surprise me, if only a little bit.

So, Apollo's been waiting on this planet while his companions like Aphrodite, Hermes etc have all gone beyond. He knew his 'children' would find him and now he wants to enslave, I mean, have them live on this planet with him. He'll have them dismantle the Enterprise so they can live in paradise and worship him. He even takes a liking to Lt. Carolyn Palamas, much to Scotty's annoyance. In the end, Palamas is crucial in weakening Apollo and allowing Kirk and the landing party to work with Spock and Sulu on the Enterprise to get everyone free.

There are several different stories taking place at the same time. Aboard the Enterprise, Spock, Sulu and the crew are attempting to break free of the giant hand holding them in place and to get in contact with Kirk and the landing party. On the planet surface, Kirk and the landing party are confronted with Apollo and attempting to figure out his power source while trying to communicate with the Enterprise. The key is Lt Palamas who Apollo falls in love with and promises to make her his queen. Kirk is able to remind Palamas of her duty to Starfleet and to her credit she does that job well, saving the crew.

In this episode we see Scotty lose his temper on more than one occasion, Chekov's wig returns and the Enterprise has phaser power reserves that would make most 24th century Starfleet vessels envious in the attack on Apollo's power source!

Overall Rating: 6/10

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