30 December 2010

Rocking to the end of 2010

The second half of 2010 has sure been busy and interesting. With the Air and Motorshows covered in the last entry to this entry which covers music concerts.


This goes back to May when I first learnt that iconic metal band, Metallica would be coming to Sydney to do a show in November. Unfortunately, the ticket sales would begin while I was away in Egypt, so I thought I'd never get to see them. Thankfully, a special pre-sale release came up and I was able to secure tickets almost as soon as the clock ticked over to open them for sale!

Fast forward to November and Eleonor and I are seeing them live in an awesome show that lived up to the hype and expectations. So much so I was further fuelled to play guitar and learn some new songs :)

See some of the concert at the following YouTube links:
- For Whom The Bell Tolls
- One
- The Unforgiven (Intro and Chorus only)
- Master of Puppets (Interlude and Ending only)
- Seek and Destroy

Linkin Park

One of the most anticipated album releases of 2010 was that of Linkin Park's album 'A Thousand Suns'. It was met with mixed reviews from most people I knew who were diehard fans, so when I received a special preorder for their Sydney show in November I passed up the opportunity. Luckily, they sold enough tickets for a second show and four of us decided to go along and see it.

It was a good thing we did! Linkin Park delivered a high energy show to rival their awesome performance from 2007! Good seats helped and their ability to make all of their songs sound great made for an enjoyable show including the following songs:

- What I've Done
- No More Sorrow - From The Inside
- Numb - The Radiance
- Fallout - The Catalyst
- In The End - Bleed It Out (A Place For My Head)
- New Divide - Faint - One Step Closer (Intro only)


Eleonor had been wanting to see the Gorillaz perform live since we found out they would be having a concert in Sydney. However, we missed out on the initial 'good' seats and soon came to accept that we missed the boat. Unfortunately they would only run one show as well.

Luckily, one of her Facebook friends was selling some unwanted tickets so we were able to get back in the game and see the show - the day after we saw Linkin Park!

A completely different vibe but just as great to watch, Gorillaz allows you to appreciate their music by seeing exactly what's involved in putting it all together. From strings to percussion, brass and even a Syrian band shipped over from Demascus, the unique Gorillaz sound was recreated perfectly and assisted by performances from De La Soul and others.

I'm not as well versed on the Gorillaz discography as those of Metallica or Linkin Park, but still had an enjoyable time!

- 19-2000
- Stylo
- Dare
- Clint Eastwood - Don't Get Lost in Heaven - Demon Days

Best Concert of 2010

Since I'm in an award giving mood, of course there's an award for the best concert I attended.

Best Concert: Linkin Park - high energy, proved the doubters of the new album wrong.
Special mention to Metallica for the most anticipated concert of the year and delivering.

Best Movie of 2010

An additional shout-out to the movies that I thought were the best of 2010.

Best Movie: Inception. Floored me with how well this movie was done and how much it made you think. Another gem from Christopher Nolan!
Special mention to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. A movie I went to see with no idea what it was about and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely underrated.
Special mention to Alice in Wonderland 3D, for showing us how 3D movies can be done well, without copying Avatar.

2010 comes to an end tomorrow! Hopefully I'll get one more blog in before the end of the year!

29 December 2010

Motorshow & AutoSalon 2010

On October 16th Eleonor and I went with a friend of ours to the Sydney Motorshow. This was the first time I'd been since 2007 and the motorshow had become an event held every two years since 2008 (when Eleonor and I were in the UK). Needless to say I was quite excited to go back again after so long - but car manufacturers were obviously still reeling from the Global Financial Crisis, so not all of the marques were there including Ferrari/Fiat, BMW, Aston Martin and others.

That didn't matter though, there was still enough to feast your eyes on as Lamborghini, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz put on decent enough displays to excite, there was even an appearance by a Koeniggseg!

Sydney International Motorshow 2010 Click for Larger Image

For me, this would probably be the last motorshow I'd see before I seriously consider replacing my current ride, so I was researching, examining and trying out different cars with that in mind.

Overall, it was a decent show, but the lack of some of the popular marques showed and there didn't seem to be too many people there as I remember from previous shows. No wonder they made it come once every two years!

The Auto Salon Final Battle returned to Sydney in November and I tagged along with my brother and his girlfriend. This show had a similar vibe to the motorshow - it didn't have the same excitement as the last show I visited in 2006! There didn't seem to be as many cars on display either - nor girls roaming around scantily clad to pose for photos with!

AutoSalon Final Battle 2010 Click for Larger Image

The show was still interesting with mods of all shapes, sizes, colours and craziness all on show. From the tasteful to the ridiculously awful were out there for all to see. No standouts for me but at least the numbers of Hyundai Excels, old school Civics and Barinas were significantly less than previous outings!

With three shows in the last half of the year (including the Williamtown Airshow) I've decided to hand out some awards, so here's the first...

Best Show for 2010: Australian Defence Force Airshow, Williamtown Air Force Base
Runner-up: Sydney International Motorshow

Still wrapping up the events of the year so don't go away. Another blog will be coming real soon! I promise :)

26 December 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

I hope you've all had a great time, spent it with family and friends, eaten lots and shared many laughs and smiles!

This year, Eleonor and I get to celebrate our first Christmas together - not just in our new house, but actually spend Christmas Day with each other! For each of the previous years we've been together, we've always dedicated Christmas Day to our respective families and then we've caught up on Boxing Day.

We had both our families come together for a Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve to share in the Christmas cheer and exchange some gifts. On Christmas Day we spent the morning together opening our gifts before heading out to dinner at my relatives place. Tomorrow we'll head out to meet up with Eleonor's family, continuing the Christmas fun :)

The year's drawing to a close, but I'm not done blogging for 2010 just yet! With a bit of time off I hope to recap on the past few months and offer my usual reflection of the year in the next few days!

Happy Holidays to you all!

19 December 2010

Airshow 2010

It's been four years since I last visited an Airshow, held at Richmond Air Force Base. Earlier this year in September, another Airshow was held at Williamtown Air Force Base to farewell the long serving RAAF F-111's and introduce the new Super Hornets.

Unlike Richmond, which is a measly 20 mins drive from home, Williamtown is a 2 hour trip north, but it was still worthwhile as this show offered a lot more flying displays and variety of aircraft.

ADF Airshow 2010
Getting in was easy (getting out was a game of patience) and from virtually anywhere around the field you could view the flight displays, either from the carpark (where an entry fee wasn't technically required) through to where the static aircraft displays and information stands were on the opposite side.

Highlights included the many aircraft you could walk through including one of the RAAF's four C-17 Globemaster III transports as well as the HARS Museum's L-1049 Constellation and their Catalina. Flight displays included many formations and tributes to the frontline combat aircraft of the RAAF through the years, three F-111's in formation displaying the three wing configurations, the Hornets and the Roulettes, but in a fiery send off, they all seemed to pale in comparison to the impressive Dump 'n Burn maneuvers, including one impressive touch n' go n' burn from the retiring F-111's!

This airshow marked Eleonor's first time to experience one for herself and she appeared to be enjoying herself - particularly when her ears were blown away by the sheer sound of an F/A-18 at full speed!

Of course I enjoyed myself and look forward to the next event - perhaps I'll finally get down to Avalon in 2011?