30 May 2010

More Memories - Back to Reality

Hi All,

Both Eleonor and I have safely returned to Australia and our 2010 holiday is now behind us. We had a great time in Egypt and Dubai seeing all the different places and popular locations (and some not so popular locations). It was definitely an experience and a huge contrast between Cairo and Dubai!

I'm still coming down to Earth and reality will strike as I return to work tomorrow. There's a tonne of photos to sort through and I'll be looking at getting those online soon to share with everyone and the upcoming blogs will document our adventures. So stay tuned!

Back in Australia it's approaching Winter so the weather has been noticeably different to what we've been experiencing. It looks like our house has continued to progress while we were away and who knows? We might be moving in some time next month so there's more exciting stuff on the way - and no rest for the wicked!

Will be back soon, so see you then,


09 May 2010

Countdown to the H's

It's an exciting time right now - tomorrow, Eleonor and I will fly off on our adventure to Egypt for two weeks and check out all the wonders of that place as well as a brief stop in Dubai on the way back.

This is our first holiday in a year and a half so something we're both looking forward to! Will post some updates when we can, but most likely this blog will next be updated when we're back on home soil.

Another thing to be excited about is our house - which should be finished at or around the time we get back.

So it'll be a busy time as well, but finally we'll be able to move into our new place (a little later than Eleonor might've liked).

A quick one today as I have to start packing!

PS: Happy Mothers Day!