02 April 2010

Celebrating a Decade

On Monday 29th March 2010, Eleonor and I celebrated 10 years together in our relationship. It's quite an achievement for both of us and definitely a milestone because no matter how you look at it - a decade is a very long time.

It's hard to imagine now, but when we first started out, I was hardly thinking we'd make it to two weeks together! My problematic self-confidence is still a personality trait with me today.

Eleonor and I met through high school. We only got to know each other in Year 11 when we shared homeroom and several classes. It wasn't until Year 12 that we became more interested in each other. We talked a lot more, shared a lot and with the behind-the-scenes help of friends we were brought together via phone conversation on 29th March 2000. Eleonor was quick to show us off to everyone at school the next day!

From there we completed our HSC year and went onto uni. We would often meetup for lunch and even sneak into each others lectures from time to time. However, the university years were probably the slowest years of our relationship as we mainly studied and worked through our degrees. Fortune would have Eleonor galavanting around the world on numerous holidays during this time.

I think it was 2005 when we went on our first holiday away to the Blue Mountains. In 2006 we had our first holiday involving a flight to the tropical north, Cairns. From there, the travel bug had bitten and so the world was ours! Travelling to China in 2007 (after I secured a better paying job), Perth in early 2008 followed by the UK/Paris trip later that year, Brisbane in 2009 and looking towards Egypt this May.

We have both changed throughout the course of our relationship and through thick and thin we have stuck by each other.

With our (recent) engagement and our very own house nearing completion in the coming months, I'm sure there are many more decades we can look forward to spending together...


Oh, and let's not forget: Happy Easter everyone!