28 February 2010

The Difference a Year Makes

Hi All,

Already the end of February. Just last week I realised it had been a year since Eleonor and I placed our deposit on what was then just a piece of land in a new, up and coming housing estate.

Our piece of land, 21 Feb 2009
Many of you might know the troubles we went through last year to see any sort of real progress happen on this site. While the builder assured us we'd be under construction by May, nothing happened. Then it was supposed to be October, and more issues came up... Construction only really started in January of this year! Finally, things have started going well and our house is taking shape...

Our house under construction, 21 Feb 2010
The above photo was taken a year after our deposit was put down. We are now seeing the framework come together and our house actually start looking like a house!

The rollercoaster ride we suffered last year isn't too dissimilar to an ordeal Eleonor's had to go through with her Macbook Pro laptop. It begs the question: "Why can't companies get it right anymore?"

With her situation unresolved, I'll save that story for another blog.
Regarding our house, the recent updates and the speed at which construction is happening has washed away some of the pain and stress from 2009. We're just hoping there's no more ugly surprises waiting to rear their heads at us!

In other news, Happy Birthday to my fiancé Eleonor and my cousin Jacqui who both celebrated their birthdays on Feb 20. Jacqui's was her 21st. Both have blogs you can follow (click on their names in this paragraph).

All the best to everyone. It's the last day of Summer in the Land Downunder, so I'm looking forward to some cooler weather! (Most people would prefer Summer to stick around a bit longer!)

Take care!