26 December 2009

Merry Christmas '09!

Just a quick message to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! For us, our Christmas celebrations began on Christmas Day and will continue through to Dec 27th with the number of gatherings and catch-ups taking place between family and friends.

The receiving of presents has been fun, but I don't find it nearly as rewarding as the giving of presents these days! Looking forward to more gift exchanges today and tomorrow...

Last night we had (as I recall) the first gathering of the families for Christmas in a while. Some of the wonderful food we had is on display at my cousin's blog: Penguin says Feed Me!

It's Boxing Day now and my brother's off at work which is a bit of a shame. The weather's also a bit dreary being overcast and raining - but it's a welcomed change for some.

So we're in the closing week of 2009 and it will be interesting taking a look back on the year and seeing what weather and events we have lined up to bring in 2010 and beyond.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I expect I'll have one more post on Dec 31st so I'll see you then :)

19 December 2009

The Festive Season

I know, there's been a drought of blogs and my super-large following of bloggers would be disappointed. So here's a catchup of what's happened over the past few months...

My time living with Eleonor has been and gone and it seems so long ago now but we had a great experience and feel quite prepared for next year when we move out together finally!

Her father and brother had a great time in Europe exploring the places and it seems to have had positive effects on both of them as well.

The House
A bit of a taboo word over the past few weeks... our house has caused many dramas (still) and only now as the year is winding down do we feel more confident in the direction forward. A few hiccups came up and delayed all the processes which we were hoping would start in October but now we're looking to start construction around late January 2010 and hoping for smoother sailing in the new year!

CreateWorld 2009
Whilst 2009 was going to be a drought year for any holidays of any kind, a conference opportunity came up through work which allowed me to travel to Brisbane for Apple University Consortium's CreateWorld 2009.

Eleonor was able to come up with me to share in the experience of getting a better look around Brisbane & Southbank, sitting in on an interesting digital media conference over 3.5 days and also catching up with friends in Brisbane.

Christmas 2009
Finally, it's Christmas time and in less than a week we'll be opening our pressies and getting fat on Christmas dinners! Christmas has crept up on me this year with either the 'shine' continuing to fade or just being so busy and stressed with other factors in life that it's just gone unnoticed. In any case, Christmas is a great time of the year and it looks like it might be a good time to have the family together for a few days at least to share in each others company. The last time we'll be able to do so with everyone living under the one roof as well :'-(

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Stay safe!