18 October 2009

Movin' Out

Don't let the title deceive you, but for the past week and two to come I'm living out of home (and basically out of a suitcase) at Eleonor's place. The opportunity arose with her Dad and brother heading over to explore the UK and Europe for a month so Eleonor and I are able to see if we can live together. So far so good, i.e, I haven't screwed up yet!

It's been an interesting month. I've had four weeks of non-flying due to crazy Sydney weather conspiring against me. I finally got airborne yesterday for a revision lesson which was well worth it and hopefully I can continue the progress and keeping my training up to scratch.

With our house we've managed to collect more weird and wonderful gifts people have been depositing on the land. The strangest being a large painting with frame! Might hang it up somewhere once the house is built, although this is an ongoing saga for the moment as we've received two sets of plans which need correcting. Hoping to have this rectified this coming week but that's up to the Powers That Be!

We've been actively participating in Trivia contests among friends and have been reaping some rewards out of our efforts including different placings and winning jackpot prizes etc. The vouchers we usually win have been enough to pay for dinner each week we return and we're sharpening our minds in the process so it's all fun :)

I'd like to also mention a Congratulations to my near-life-long friend Steve who recently settled on his own apartment which is a great little pad!

More to come as the news happens :)

Stay safe,