25 May 2009

The Future Begins

With a pretty busy few weeks, it's time I think for another Blog!

A Weekend in Brisbane

Brisbane AdventureOur first trip to Brisbane finally happened last weekend and what better reason to go up there than for our friend, Craig's wedding?

We'd planned this all ahead. Eleonor and I were due to fly up on the Saturday of the ceremony and we'd road trip back with Steve & Elisa on the Monday which would make for an interesting long weekend.

It didn't go without drama though with Eleonor forgetting her dress for the event and having to buy a new one as soon as we got to Brisbane. It seemed there were ominous signs about as Steve & Elisa had a horror run to Brisbane from Sydney only the previous day as well.

Regardless, the ceremony and reception went ahead and it was an experience to have. On Sunday, we caught up with the new bride and groom before heading off for the Gold Coast and leaving the newlyweds to their preparations for their honeymoon. We made the Gold Coast by evening where Elisa found some great accommodation, and we were subsequently upgraded!

Monday was our great drive home from Gold Coast. We stopped at Coolangatta/Tweed Heads to check out the QLD/NSW border. We also took in the sights at Byron Bay before hitting the road home via Coffs Harbour, Taree and Wyong.

Best of luck to newlyweds Craig & Maria Fernandez. We'll be back in Brisbane some time to catch up again :)

Star Trek

Changing the topic almost completely, with all the anticipation for the new Star Trek movie, I can finally blog about it.

We actually saw it within it's first week of release at the Gold Lounge cinema in Rouse Hill, which was a new experience in itself and well worth it for such a movie. Yesterday, Eleonor and I rewatched the movie at the Sydney IMAX to experience it in all its hugeness.

What a great movie! For a new fanbase, and Trekkers of old, there's something for everyone. The effects are second to none and the story had my attention for the whole 2 hours. For a movie of such length, it never seems too long. J.J. Abrams has done a great job. If you haven't seen it and have a chance to, I can only recommend you do so!

It's great to be a Trekkie (Trekker) once again :)

Anyway, enough of my blabbing... Stay tuned for more updates as they happen!

Until then...

08 May 2009

The Past Ends

Welcome all to the May update.

Life's been about the same as usual recently. Oh, and as for the title, it's in response to Star Trek's tagline 'The Future Begins', so I'm assuming the past must end for that to happen.

I've been keeping up the regular flying lessons and actually circulating more and more confidently each time. I'm at the point now where I'm flying without the watchful eyes of my instructor as well. The progression this year has been much quicker and more satisfying than the previous two years!

Our dear friend Craig (up in Brisbane) will tie the knot and get married next weekend so we had a bit of a celebration for him last weekend which was great. We got to catch up with heaps of friends from high school, many of which we hadn't seen since leaving high school. The guys did a great job planning, catering and providing entertainment. The weekend was capped off with a visit to San Churro in Glebe for some great sundaes!

So, this time next week we'll be getting ready to fly up to Brisbane for his wedding. But not before attending a ceremony for Eleonor's uni friend Ebony which is on the Friday.

This weekend looks promising too with more flying scheduled for tomorrow, an Aviation Collectors show at Bankstown Airport and I'll finally be watching Star Trek on Sunday evening. Yes, I say finally when it only came out for general release yesterday since nearly all of my friends and Trek fanatics have already seen the movie at this point!

With our house, we've got all the documents going through, money being passed about and the ball has started rolling once again. Hoping for some more positive news soon. But the anxiety levels have fallen these past few weeks :)

Anyway, just a very quick update...

Stay safe.