21 March 2009

Busy March

Sorry for the boring title. We really did brainstorm this one but that's all I could come up with :P

Sooo... you'd think March has been busy. But, probably not.

Enough blabbing, get blogging.


Happy Birfday

...to me! Of course another year has gone by, and although there's nothing special about turning 26 (except, that I'm still alive), Mum decided to put together a gathering of friends and a BBQ at our place to celebrate. It was good to have everyone come along and have a good time scoffing on good food and hanging out with good friends.

Housey Stuff

The house shopping continues, with more and more progress to getting our own place built. Today Eleonor and I had a look at a lot of bricks and tiles and tried to visualise how the final product would look. There's still many choices to behold, so our decision is far from being made any time soon! Still, this is starting to shape up to be the more exciting and interesting part of the house purchase.

In the Air

The flying continues, and more solo circuits were achieved today to consolidate my 'one-lap wonder' a fortnight ago. It helps with the confidence to be able to put together a string of circuits and safe touch n' goes so I just need to continue, improve and perfect my technique!

That's really about it for the moment. It sounded more interesting in my head, but maybe it was! As more info and events come through expect the updates on Twitter first, and here some time after :)

Until then...

08 March 2009

The First Quarter: The Only Way Is Up

It's March already and hasn't time flown?

Last month we had the joys of experiencing 'Top Gear Live' here in Sydney. It was good to see the presenters in action in real life, but they really decided to play to the Australian audience by making it as bogan as possible... so it lost the original Top Gear flair of being entertaining and just became predictably about Holdens and burnouts...

I bought a new computer recently too which is uber big with an equally huge monitor. The rebuilding process took a week or so to get everything migrated over but now it's all running smoothly.

Tweet Tweet, Follow Me.
Before we get started, I've now joined the micro-blogging world of Twitter! So for those bored enough to track my movements throughout the day, follow me at www.twitter.com/dshibi .

As I touched on this subject briefly in the last post, Eleonor and I have been busy house-hunting and we are getting closer to finding a place we'll call home. It has been an interesting, somewhat stressful but also fun at times experience. There's so much involved and no kidding ourselves that this will be the biggest purchase of our lives... Scary!

Flying High.
It was about time I returned to the sky as my last lesson had occured at the beginning of the year in January. So I finally took the controls once more yesterday and got up there. To my surprise, and probably for my own benefit, my instructor saw it fit to send me on that elusive first solo. Though nervous, it all went away once I got the plane in the air and completed a circuit I doubt I'll ever forget. I've finally joined an elite group of people!

But... the training continues!

A bit of a shorter one today. I know it's been a while, but there might be a lot more covered as the next few weeks and months come past. There's much in the making!

Until then...