26 December 2009

Merry Christmas '09!

Just a quick message to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! For us, our Christmas celebrations began on Christmas Day and will continue through to Dec 27th with the number of gatherings and catch-ups taking place between family and friends.

The receiving of presents has been fun, but I don't find it nearly as rewarding as the giving of presents these days! Looking forward to more gift exchanges today and tomorrow...

Last night we had (as I recall) the first gathering of the families for Christmas in a while. Some of the wonderful food we had is on display at my cousin's blog: Penguin says Feed Me!

It's Boxing Day now and my brother's off at work which is a bit of a shame. The weather's also a bit dreary being overcast and raining - but it's a welcomed change for some.

So we're in the closing week of 2009 and it will be interesting taking a look back on the year and seeing what weather and events we have lined up to bring in 2010 and beyond.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I expect I'll have one more post on Dec 31st so I'll see you then :)

19 December 2009

The Festive Season

I know, there's been a drought of blogs and my super-large following of bloggers would be disappointed. So here's a catchup of what's happened over the past few months...

My time living with Eleonor has been and gone and it seems so long ago now but we had a great experience and feel quite prepared for next year when we move out together finally!

Her father and brother had a great time in Europe exploring the places and it seems to have had positive effects on both of them as well.

The House
A bit of a taboo word over the past few weeks... our house has caused many dramas (still) and only now as the year is winding down do we feel more confident in the direction forward. A few hiccups came up and delayed all the processes which we were hoping would start in October but now we're looking to start construction around late January 2010 and hoping for smoother sailing in the new year!

CreateWorld 2009
Whilst 2009 was going to be a drought year for any holidays of any kind, a conference opportunity came up through work which allowed me to travel to Brisbane for Apple University Consortium's CreateWorld 2009.

Eleonor was able to come up with me to share in the experience of getting a better look around Brisbane & Southbank, sitting in on an interesting digital media conference over 3.5 days and also catching up with friends in Brisbane.

Christmas 2009
Finally, it's Christmas time and in less than a week we'll be opening our pressies and getting fat on Christmas dinners! Christmas has crept up on me this year with either the 'shine' continuing to fade or just being so busy and stressed with other factors in life that it's just gone unnoticed. In any case, Christmas is a great time of the year and it looks like it might be a good time to have the family together for a few days at least to share in each others company. The last time we'll be able to do so with everyone living under the one roof as well :'-(

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Stay safe!

18 October 2009

Movin' Out

Don't let the title deceive you, but for the past week and two to come I'm living out of home (and basically out of a suitcase) at Eleonor's place. The opportunity arose with her Dad and brother heading over to explore the UK and Europe for a month so Eleonor and I are able to see if we can live together. So far so good, i.e, I haven't screwed up yet!

It's been an interesting month. I've had four weeks of non-flying due to crazy Sydney weather conspiring against me. I finally got airborne yesterday for a revision lesson which was well worth it and hopefully I can continue the progress and keeping my training up to scratch.

With our house we've managed to collect more weird and wonderful gifts people have been depositing on the land. The strangest being a large painting with frame! Might hang it up somewhere once the house is built, although this is an ongoing saga for the moment as we've received two sets of plans which need correcting. Hoping to have this rectified this coming week but that's up to the Powers That Be!

We've been actively participating in Trivia contests among friends and have been reaping some rewards out of our efforts including different placings and winning jackpot prizes etc. The vouchers we usually win have been enough to pay for dinner each week we return and we're sharpening our minds in the process so it's all fun :)

I'd like to also mention a Congratulations to my near-life-long friend Steve who recently settled on his own apartment which is a great little pad!

More to come as the news happens :)

Stay safe,

14 September 2009

Awaiting Action...

Hey All,

It's been a busy few months and we're still awaiting any visible action on our square patch of land while Eleonor and I have started repaying our loan for that expensive piece of dirt.

The good news in the house arena is that we had our colour consultation and everything's been taken care of in that area - at least for now. I'd just really love to see something start happening on our piece of land. I'm sure it will go very quickly from there!

First Solo... again!

In more exciting aviation training news, yesterday (12/09/09) I flew my first Training Area solo flight. I was due to have this flight a few weeks ago but as has become the norm in my flight training there were a few loose ends.

Anyway, I was finally able to get out there yesterday in great weather and even accomplished a smile bringing 'roll on' landing (basically, one you don't feel!) It's nice to keep the progress going with Proflite and let's see where we go from here. More solos I think!

Star Trek to our Ears

Last week, Dad, Eleonor and myself went to the Sydney Opera House to feast our ears on Star Trek music played by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. In an excellent concert which began with classical pieces from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Mars, The Bringer of War and Transformers we were then treated to a piece of music from each of the Star Trek films, including the new 2009 release. Nothing beats hearing an orchestra played live in full song and I think it might even have spiked some interest in Trek from Eleonor as well :)

Walk Like an Egyptian

With our house purchase going forward and hoping for that to finish up some time early next year, Eleonor and I have also committed to treating ourselves to a holiday which was on special. We'll be exploring the wonders of Egypt next May which should be an excellent trip and allow us to explore a unique part of the world. Can't wait!

More updates, as and when they come.

Until then...

20 June 2009


Hi All,

It's already June and so the halfway point of the year is upon us! How quickly it's all gone. (Cliché I know.)

Mum and Dad this week left for their annual overseas adventure to Hawaii this time. Hopefully the weather is better up there than it has been here in Sydney lately. I hope they're taking the time to relax and unwind for a bit as they deserve to. They'll be returning to Sydney on the 24th which is Dad's birthday.

Eleonor and I have been moving along with the house buying process. Things are looking a lot more serious now and we're getting into the more interesting part of the entire process. Hoping for fun times ahead now we've crossed the hurdle of acquiring finances etc. Will keep you posted.

I had a bit of a hiatus from flying with the recent weather and rain not being very helpful but have managed to get the odd one or two flights in. Progressing nicely in that regard as well and preparing for my first Training Area solo in a week's time. Getting ever closer to the exam I'll need to take so I'll be a fully licensed pilot :)

That's about it off the top of my head, but I'm continuing my efforts to keep this blog up to date. So we'll see you again soon!

25 May 2009

The Future Begins

With a pretty busy few weeks, it's time I think for another Blog!

A Weekend in Brisbane

Brisbane AdventureOur first trip to Brisbane finally happened last weekend and what better reason to go up there than for our friend, Craig's wedding?

We'd planned this all ahead. Eleonor and I were due to fly up on the Saturday of the ceremony and we'd road trip back with Steve & Elisa on the Monday which would make for an interesting long weekend.

It didn't go without drama though with Eleonor forgetting her dress for the event and having to buy a new one as soon as we got to Brisbane. It seemed there were ominous signs about as Steve & Elisa had a horror run to Brisbane from Sydney only the previous day as well.

Regardless, the ceremony and reception went ahead and it was an experience to have. On Sunday, we caught up with the new bride and groom before heading off for the Gold Coast and leaving the newlyweds to their preparations for their honeymoon. We made the Gold Coast by evening where Elisa found some great accommodation, and we were subsequently upgraded!

Monday was our great drive home from Gold Coast. We stopped at Coolangatta/Tweed Heads to check out the QLD/NSW border. We also took in the sights at Byron Bay before hitting the road home via Coffs Harbour, Taree and Wyong.

Best of luck to newlyweds Craig & Maria Fernandez. We'll be back in Brisbane some time to catch up again :)

Star Trek

Changing the topic almost completely, with all the anticipation for the new Star Trek movie, I can finally blog about it.

We actually saw it within it's first week of release at the Gold Lounge cinema in Rouse Hill, which was a new experience in itself and well worth it for such a movie. Yesterday, Eleonor and I rewatched the movie at the Sydney IMAX to experience it in all its hugeness.

What a great movie! For a new fanbase, and Trekkers of old, there's something for everyone. The effects are second to none and the story had my attention for the whole 2 hours. For a movie of such length, it never seems too long. J.J. Abrams has done a great job. If you haven't seen it and have a chance to, I can only recommend you do so!

It's great to be a Trekkie (Trekker) once again :)

Anyway, enough of my blabbing... Stay tuned for more updates as they happen!

Until then...

08 May 2009

The Past Ends

Welcome all to the May update.

Life's been about the same as usual recently. Oh, and as for the title, it's in response to Star Trek's tagline 'The Future Begins', so I'm assuming the past must end for that to happen.

I've been keeping up the regular flying lessons and actually circulating more and more confidently each time. I'm at the point now where I'm flying without the watchful eyes of my instructor as well. The progression this year has been much quicker and more satisfying than the previous two years!

Our dear friend Craig (up in Brisbane) will tie the knot and get married next weekend so we had a bit of a celebration for him last weekend which was great. We got to catch up with heaps of friends from high school, many of which we hadn't seen since leaving high school. The guys did a great job planning, catering and providing entertainment. The weekend was capped off with a visit to San Churro in Glebe for some great sundaes!

So, this time next week we'll be getting ready to fly up to Brisbane for his wedding. But not before attending a ceremony for Eleonor's uni friend Ebony which is on the Friday.

This weekend looks promising too with more flying scheduled for tomorrow, an Aviation Collectors show at Bankstown Airport and I'll finally be watching Star Trek on Sunday evening. Yes, I say finally when it only came out for general release yesterday since nearly all of my friends and Trek fanatics have already seen the movie at this point!

With our house, we've got all the documents going through, money being passed about and the ball has started rolling once again. Hoping for some more positive news soon. But the anxiety levels have fallen these past few weeks :)

Anyway, just a very quick update...

Stay safe.

21 March 2009

Busy March

Sorry for the boring title. We really did brainstorm this one but that's all I could come up with :P

Sooo... you'd think March has been busy. But, probably not.

Enough blabbing, get blogging.


Happy Birfday

...to me! Of course another year has gone by, and although there's nothing special about turning 26 (except, that I'm still alive), Mum decided to put together a gathering of friends and a BBQ at our place to celebrate. It was good to have everyone come along and have a good time scoffing on good food and hanging out with good friends.

Housey Stuff

The house shopping continues, with more and more progress to getting our own place built. Today Eleonor and I had a look at a lot of bricks and tiles and tried to visualise how the final product would look. There's still many choices to behold, so our decision is far from being made any time soon! Still, this is starting to shape up to be the more exciting and interesting part of the house purchase.

In the Air

The flying continues, and more solo circuits were achieved today to consolidate my 'one-lap wonder' a fortnight ago. It helps with the confidence to be able to put together a string of circuits and safe touch n' goes so I just need to continue, improve and perfect my technique!

That's really about it for the moment. It sounded more interesting in my head, but maybe it was! As more info and events come through expect the updates on Twitter first, and here some time after :)

Until then...

08 March 2009

The First Quarter: The Only Way Is Up

It's March already and hasn't time flown?

Last month we had the joys of experiencing 'Top Gear Live' here in Sydney. It was good to see the presenters in action in real life, but they really decided to play to the Australian audience by making it as bogan as possible... so it lost the original Top Gear flair of being entertaining and just became predictably about Holdens and burnouts...

I bought a new computer recently too which is uber big with an equally huge monitor. The rebuilding process took a week or so to get everything migrated over but now it's all running smoothly.

Tweet Tweet, Follow Me.
Before we get started, I've now joined the micro-blogging world of Twitter! So for those bored enough to track my movements throughout the day, follow me at www.twitter.com/dshibi .

As I touched on this subject briefly in the last post, Eleonor and I have been busy house-hunting and we are getting closer to finding a place we'll call home. It has been an interesting, somewhat stressful but also fun at times experience. There's so much involved and no kidding ourselves that this will be the biggest purchase of our lives... Scary!

Flying High.
It was about time I returned to the sky as my last lesson had occured at the beginning of the year in January. So I finally took the controls once more yesterday and got up there. To my surprise, and probably for my own benefit, my instructor saw it fit to send me on that elusive first solo. Though nervous, it all went away once I got the plane in the air and completed a circuit I doubt I'll ever forget. I've finally joined an elite group of people!

But... the training continues!

A bit of a shorter one today. I know it's been a while, but there might be a lot more covered as the next few weeks and months come past. There's much in the making!

Until then...

31 January 2009

2009 Begins

Happy New Year!

We're already a month into 2009 so it's about time I got writing again. January usually is a busy time of the year and 09 has been no exception. We started out early with the Sydney Festival events happening and the guys decided to take on the cheap meal available from the Summit revolving restaurant in the city. Good company with a better value meal compared to 08 made this a great experience!

The Summit Revolving Restaurant
Star Wars

The Powerhouse Museum have been running a Star Wars exhibit for a little while and so Alan, Eleonor and myself decided we'd go and check it out. The exhibition showcased the technologies we are developing and their influences and similarities to Star Wars. It was quite interesting, with plenty of interactive features to keep the kids occupied as well.

Star Wars Exhibit
Australia Day

Of course, January 26th is Australia Day and so we got a group together for a trip down the south coast for a traditional BBQ by the beach. However, we couldn't find a working barbecue by the beach, so we settled for a boat harbour at Gerringong. It was a great way to hang out and relax among friends whilst enjoying the sound of the ocean and some decent barbecued food! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Australia Day BBQ
Among everything else work has started to resume back to it's normal franticness with the new year about to come full swing. Eleonor and I have set our priorities on house buying by mid year due to the current Government grant on offer, so things have been a little stressful and hectic in recent times but somewhat exciting all at the same time.

Needless to say, interesting times lay ahead which will make for interesting reading and an eventful 2009.