10 October 2008

Holiday UK & Ireland 2008

Hello All,

this is a different blogpost to the norm as it's somewhat impromptu, but just an update from Waterford, in Ireland on how our trip has been going.

Very well.

So there you have it. In two words I've summed up 5 days! hahahahahahahahahahahaa.

Well, there's so much more I could say, but I only have 1:30 left on this machine and the clock continues to tick. Will I get to the Publish Post button in time?

Ok, well Edinburgh was Great, and Ireland has been real fun. We're still yet to experience all of England so that awaits us in the coming days as we venture back via Wales and Cardiff.

The fun is still ahead for us both and we'll try to keep you all posted when we get on other computers and have more time to spill our adventures!

Stay tuned...