01 August 2008

Highs and Lows II...

It was the only topic heading that I could think applied to the recent few weeks, and since I had already taken the title in the last topic (for completely different reasons) this is the 'sequel'.

Happy Birthday Michael, and Nanny!

To the highs first then! Michael celebrated his 20th birthday on July 12th, and successfully acquired his full driver's license first thing in the morning after completing the knowledge, or hazard perception test. Well done!

Nanny, over in the UK also celebrated her birthday on July 14th. So best wishes to you guys back in England!

A New Job

Not quite, but I was successful in my recent application for the new media position at work! So now I have a more concise and understandable position title of E-Learning Media Developer. Which means I develop media for e-learning! Anyway, while I'm working in the same role, and same department as before, this new position opens up more exciting projects and possibilities for myself, and for the unit. So, hopefully there are great and exciting times ahead.

Paperwork to Fly

With all the recent improvements in my flying, the only thing that has been holding me back was the paperwork from CASA allowing me to fly solo. Well, it's all finally come through, so I can legally do everything - but now my instructor's are away or busy. So annoyingly, I have to wait, as I'm not scheduled to fly until next weekend, and by then it will have been a number of weeks out of the seat.

What's also not helping is the poor Winter weather we're currently experiencing. But, as always, watch this space...

Farewell Rex

The lows... Our dog, Rex passed away last week at 14 (human) years of age. He went peacefully we believe, in his sleep. Michael found him on a cold Friday morning, lying in front of our air conditioning unit. Dad and I buried him a day later.

Rest in Peace, furry friend...

To see a photo tribute to Rex, go here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=47002&l=cdc58&id=574363344

Until next time guys...