01 July 2008

Highs and Lows...

Happy Birthday Dad!

First of all, belated Happy Birthday to my Dad! His birthday passed on June 24th and though it was much like any other day, it still was his birthday nonetheless. We went to the local revolving restaurant for the occassion.

Reworking the Position

Amidst a busy time of year, I'm working on a new job application within UWS to continue working in the awesome team I'm currently with and have some further job security beyond September this year! Will keep you posted...

A visit to Bankstown Aviation Museum

Glory days are gone for this bird at Bankstown Aviation Museum We figured it was about time to pay this place a visit. What with Dad and I flying regularly from Bankstown these days, it only seemed silly we hadn't visited much earlier.

So we went along last weekend with another aviation minded friend and took a look around. Inside the museum was a great collection of aircraft and related items from all different eras. There was plenty to see and do, but the real marvels were outside.
Unfortunately it was almost sad to see these great aircraft sitting outside with engines missing, and other significant parts like rudders, bits of wings etc... these planes basically looked like they were put out to die. A mini 'boneyard'. We looked around, there were planes I didn't even recognise, there was Dad's 'dream' amphibian in pieces, the body of a once all Aussie Nomad and at least 5 or 6 DC-3's in differing states of disrepair. We got to look inside one, and I even sat in the cockpit, but the poor bird looked as though she'd never take to the skies again. Certainly not without a large injection of cash.

What was sadder was I went home and flicked through some aviation magazines. The DC-3's once belonged to a pilot who operated a scenic flight service with these historical aircraft. The article showed the planes, the very one I had sat in, in their glory days and spoke of a bright future ahead... Yet they sit at Bankstown with no ability to fly :(

Farewell 'Richmond Town'

The last B707Another sad occassion in aviation, but this one much more historic as the RAAF farewelled it's last B707 (named 'Richmond Town') in service on June 30th 2008. 29 years of service provided by this last B707 which originally started out as a passenger jet for Qantas! I was lucky enough to see her on her last takeoff from Richmond AFB before going to perform her passes over Sydney Harbour.

Training Update

After a couple snags involving paperwork for my license and registration etc as a pilot, it looks like my training is well on track. I'm becoming more and more confident with my flying, and my circuit technique. Last week I nailed three decent landings and came away feeling good! I hope I can continue forward and improve so when I'm ready to be sent for solo (anytime now) I'll pass with flying colours (stupid pun absolutely was intended!)

As I touched on earlier, it's a busy time at the moment. So much going on and things to be doing. Time's passing really quickly as well, so I guess before we know it, I'll be in the UK! Plans are moving along slowly for that trip, but without a doubt it's coming and I think I'm starting to feel a little more excited about it all!