07 June 2008

Things in Motion

Mostly just a general update this time around. I was trying to think of an interesting title for this blog, but I can only generalise as it seems that things are indeed in motion and the future's looking bright and interesting!

First though, I think I'll rant a bit about our wonderful Road Authority in NSW called the Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA)... maybe it's secret code for Retarded Tight Arses or something, but sheesh... I was too quick to give them credit a while ago when they actually raised the speed limit on a piece of road nearby by 10km/h. Of no real consequence as we use it somewhat infrequently.

I take it all back now though as the main road I take to work will now be cut back by 10km/h for a large portion of the trip, and on roads which have no development and are still in decent condition. All this while the idiots I normally follow from day-to-day to and from work never actually reach or get anywhere near the posted speed limit. So now, we're just all destined to travel slower in each direction... WOOHOO.

/end rant.

Flight Training Update

It's been six lessons now since I restarted my training in 2008. Finally, today's lesson I made the kind of progress I've been looking for. I made 3 exceptional landings (though not consecutively) and came away with a smile and confidence that I'm back on track. I also got to take out one of the sportier Cessna's wearing red, white and blue vinyls which of course make the plane go faster :P But, seriously, things are looking up with the training as my instructor has made a few references to going Solo in a few weeks... I will try to keep you all updated.

I'm Coming Home - October...

I alluded to this fact at the end of the last blog entry. It's now as good as confirmed as Eleonor and I are putting through the last payments to secure our trip and tours of UK and France. We're set to travel there in October this year where we hope to explore England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France. For my English family and friends, we've left some time to catch up and can't wait to meet up with you after 11 years since my last visit!

Will continue to post updates here as I get the chance to...