02 April 2008

Easter Holiday

Actually, a lot has happened since the last blog. I had a great time catching up with friends for my birthday, and Steve celebrated his birthday at the end of the month as well. Mum and Dad went on a holiday to Singapore for a little over a week and they enjoyed themselves with some time away.

I must also convey my Congratulations to Dave & Kell on their baby boy Jarryd. Also, Congratulations to Alan & Belinda, on their baby boy - is it Cooper yet?

Easter Long Weekend

Not to be outdone, Eleonor and I headed off to Perth for the Easter long weekend to see the sights of a city never visited and just to hang out together.

Perth is a beautiful city, smaller than Sydney of course, but I would say cleaner and a lot more carefree and relaxing.

Of course, visiting during an Easter long weekend probably meant that most of its residents weren't actually in the city, and our first night walking around on Good Friday proved that as we were the only ones out I think!

We ventured up north to see The Pinnacles. Mysterious limestone formations in the middle of a desert. We also visited a wildlife park to get up close with Koala's, Roo's and a Wombat and we went sand-duning in our 4WD bus. We both tried our hand at sandboarding, but umm... yeah let's not go there...

Our second day started off badly as our city tour wasn't even acknowledged so we had to quickly make new plans. Thank God for the open top double decker bus who came to the rescue and offered virtually the same tour for less money! So we saw the sights of Perth from the open top of this bus before embarking on a cruise to Fremantle via ferry. At Fremantle we took a tram ride around the city and explored their new motor museum and the local markets. We headed back into Perth in the afternoon and walked around the CBD which was much busier this time around!

The third day was a very long one indeed. We left at 7:45am and returned at around midnight! Our bus covered a lot of distance with short stops in between as we headed south through forests towards Albany. The highlight down here was the suspended tree-top walk which was very similar to the one I walked on in the Huon Valley, Tasmania last year. As night approached, we headed back north via Kojonup for dinner and a brief history tour.

Our last day left us to our own devices so we went to the Bell Tower and chimed some bells before walking to Kings Park. This wasn't our original intention though as we wanted to catch a bus, but they only come on the hour, and we kept missing them. So we took the healthy option and walked on - well aware we had to be at the airport on time! We made the park, but couldn't find the sights we particularly wanted to see and were about to give up and head back. But we found the DNA Tower, snapped a pic and started our power walk back to the city, looking for a Taxi. We didn't find one until we were well in the heart of the city, but, a credit to cab drivers, this guy took us back to our hotel in time to get our bags and to the airport with room to spare!

What a wonderful trip it was. We'd easily go back to see the places we missed like Rottnest Island and maybe even Broome, plus, we'd travel via the Indian Pacific next time...