21 October 2007

Motorshow to Linkin Park... Bring on China!

Linkin Park

Last night I went with a group of friends to rock out with Linkin Park during their first show at the Entertainment Centre. Expectations were high and they delivered. Two of the guys in our group had never been to a concert before and were simply blown away. LP were high energy, entertaining and worthy rivals to take the honours from Disturbed on my favourite concert list!

I've now lost my voice and have a sore neck, but it was all worth it. Our group of eight forming our own mini moshpit amongst the crowd as they rocked out all our favourites including One Step Closer, Somewhere I Belong, No More Sorrow, Given Up, Numb, In The End, What I've Done and Faint. They also played a piano rendition of Pushing Me Away, the beginning of Breaking the Habit and an extended Bleed it Out.

All smiles here, and now buzzing with the feeling that in a few days I'll be leaving for China!

15 October 2007

Motorshow 2007

Motorshow 2007 In what has now become an annual event, we once again visited the Sydney International Motorshow. This time with a larger group of us going down to check out the latest automotive offerings.
Glamour girls were hard to find this year, though I remember two of the Mitsubishi girls from '06. Much of the range of cars was all the same with nothing really standing out as new or different. The new Ford Mondeo was a great car to finally see in it's full range of models and a wider selection of colours. In the supercar arena, aside from Lamborghini and Ferrari bringing in their usual suspects, the new Maserati GranTurismo was a beautiful machine to behold.
We spent a fair bit of time at the show and it was good to have everyone along for the catch up. We look forward to next week where we'll rock out with Linkin Park at the Entertainment Centre!
...the countdown continues...